Everything About Keap

It is previously known as Infusionsoft. Keap offers a solution that extends far beyond basic email marketing to include a full-featured CRM and sales automation.

With this level of functionality, Keap is at the high end of the cost and complexity spectrum. Businesses looking for a comprehensive feature set or a product to replace multiple disparate systems, on the other hand, may find a good fit here.

Features and Functionality

1. Full CRM Functionality

Although Keap is frequently listed alongside (and compared to) email marketing solutions, it goes far beyond email marketing. It is a full-featured CRM system with extensive automation capabilities at its core.

Keap enables you to track all customer communications – both inbound and outbound – in one location. This is in stark contrast to the majority of email marketing systems, which are primarily concerned with outbound email. Keap’s features enable you to create a detailed profile of your customers based on much more than which emails they have opened.

2. Advanced Email Features

Keap’s email marketing features are head and shoulders above the competition. Additionally, they rank highly in terms of performance. Keap takes pride in disclosing its average open and click rates. The latter are significantly higher than the industry average, which is undoubtedly aided by automated spam filtering and algorithm-based email sending.

Additionally, there are numerous options for segmenting emails based on customer behavior, from previous purchases to products they previously expressed interest in.

3. Integrated Payments

Payments Unlike most email marketing systems, Keap enables native payment processing. This potentially eliminates the need for additional systems, making Keap an appealing proposition for businesses looking for a one-stop shop.

Keap’s payment functionality is not proprietary to Keap. Additionally, there is integration with popular payment processors such as WePay, Stripe, and PayPal.

4. Expert On-Boarding

Keap does onboarding differently, and some may object to the cost.

You have no choice as a new Keap customer but to pay $499 for the company’s “Expert Coaching” service. According to Keap, the “Sales and Marketing Playbook” that you create as part of this exercise is worth $1500. Unavoidably, opinions on this approach will be divided. However, because Keap is a complex solution, it makes sense to educate yourself on how to use it properly.

5. Free Migrations

Keap’s advanced feature set makes it the type of solution that many businesses may consider “stepping up” from another product. Keap recognizes this and provides free data migrations from a variety of other email marketing platforms. Among them are household names such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber.

6. Strong Data Security

Keap places a premium on data security. The company maintains a comprehensive security statement that details everything from PCI DSS compliance to physical and electronic security measures in place. Keap’s commitment to data security makes it an appealing option for businesses operating in highly regulated industries.

7. Templates

Keap’s extensive collection of templates includes several eye-catching designs that you can access immediately.

Additionally, you can enter the Keap Marketplace. Here, you’ll find a wealth of additional resources, ranging from simple free templates to fully-featured commercial email funnels that require a fee. The roots of Keap’s Infusionsoft are very visible in this area. One minor point of contention is that the Marketplace is clogged with some rather out-of-date downloads.

8. Ease of Use

Keap’s ease of use is a two-part affair. Keap is an extremely intuitive and pleasurable application to use. However, there is a reason for mandatory onboarding. This system goes far beyond broadcasting emails to a contact list, and with that comes a great deal of complexity. It is not difficult to use, but there is a learning curve, so you cannot simply “pick up and go” as some competitors’ products allow.

9. Customer support

As one might expect from a well-established solutions provider offering enterprise-class systems, Keap’s support options are extensive and refined.

Final Word

Keap’s extensive functionality almost qualifies it as a product category unto itself. With CRM, email marketing, and even payment processing capabilities, this is a system that has the potential to replace a number of others.

This comes at a financial cost, which is particularly noticeable for businesses with a large contact list. As a result, Keap may not be the best choice for businesses that require only basic email marketing functionality. However, for those seeking a more capable system, Keap is an intriguing proposition.

Keap is especially advantageous for businesses whose interactions with customers are typically bidirectional. The CRM-based approach makes it an excellent system if two-way communication is a necessary component of the business. Simply keep in mind that all of this functionality entails a learning curve.

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