11 Best Email Marketing Software to Grow Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, the importance of good marketing cannot be overstated.

Here are the top 11 marketing apps to help your small business grow.


This software is easy to set up. It is Customizable, mobile-friendly forms include popups, banners, bars, and embedded forms for email collection. It can also integrate CRM softwares as well.


If you are new to email marketing, then AWeber offers regular live webinars for other instruction and training. With access to data and reports, you will get the much-needed insight you need to make better decisions, devise and implement better strategies, and achieve success.


This software is well-known for its low-cost plans that are ideal for startups, but it also provides business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools that enable users to effectively use email to communicate with clients and prospective customers, advertise their products and services with ease see more lead conversions that result in more sales.


This email marketing software is directed towards small businesses, providing them a robust and powerful platform that so well complements existing content marketing platforms and strategies. Though it may appear simple it comes with all the professional features of any marketing software.


With its emphasis on attracting mobile traffic and converters, OptinMonster functions best on mobile devices as well. It provides lead generation integration as well as split A/B testing of your campaigns.


With Sumo solutions, you can increase the number of your signups, attract more subscribers, encourage visitors to share your content, and more. With displays optimized for desktop and mobile devices, you can create beautiful pop-ups for effective email captures, attract more visitors, and encourage them to stay and explore your websites.


Litmus also provides instant previews on all devices, including mobile and desktop, to ensure that you have extensive compatibility. It also has amazing templates to pick from that allow you to build your email from scratch, and because of their in-depth analytics, you can also choose from their tested templates that have worked in other places.


Hubuco is known for its email validation. This email marketing tool allows you to easily perform bulk email verification and validation on any opt-in list. Hubuco ensures that you only send emails to real people and assists you in distinguishing low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Hubuco classifies email addresses as deliverable, undeliverable, risky, or unknown and includes a ‘Hubuco Sendex score’ feature to assess the quality of each email address.


MailGet’s email list cleaning tool has a number of additional features for list cleansing that only a few email marketing software providers offer. Furthermore, there are three types of clean segments on which software operates: spam list, suspended list, and bounce list.


This will evaluate any subject line and provide an instant score based on email marketing best practices. You’ll receive immediate, actionable advice, allowing you to continue fine-tuning your subject until you achieve the desired results.

Headline Analyzer

The free CoSchedule Headline Analyzer digs deeper to score your headline’s word choices. It allows you to adjust the reading level as well as the “word balance,” allowing you to access more evocative words. Furthermore, you can easily compare previous headlines.


Are you worried that your message will go over your readers’ heads? The Hemingway App, named after the man best known for his short sentences, focuses on the readability of your subject line. If you want, you can even use it to analyze entire blog posts.


Remember that you will require patronage to successfully launch and sustain your business. One way to accomplish this is to have a great email marketing app that can assist your small business in growing.

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