4 Email Marketing Tips That Can Increase Conversions

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Conversion is an important metric for digital marketing campaigns. All digital marketers aim for a high conversion rate. Most digital marketing campaigns will not give you the desired conversion boost.

It’s easy to overlook email marketing as part of a digital marketing campaign. With the right guidance, you can make email marketing one of the cornerstones of your digital marketing strategy.

Here are some easy email marketing tips to increase conversions.

  • A Human Voice
  • Write Compelling Copy
  • Update Your Contacts List
  • Prioritize Customer Experience

A Human Voice

Your readers will quickly lose interest if your emails appear to be automated. If your content isn’t up to par, your email subscribers will unsubscribe. A natural tone, as if written by a person, is an important part of writing trusted content.

Of course, you can use sales language in your email copy, but it should sound organic and natural. In other words, you’ll lose subscribers and lose money.

Write Compelling Copy

The content of your email is going to be the most important factor in its effectiveness. Extra effort when writing your copy will pay off in increased conversions. You need to strike a balance between making your copy sell and sounding natural and human. If you can find that sweet spot, you will see increased conversions.

Update Your Contacts List

Maintaining your contact list is essential. Your emails will go unanswered if your contacts list is out of date.

If your company receives contact information from multiple cloud-based apps, you’ll need a way to keep your contact list synchronized. Using PieSync makes this easy. PieSync can synchronize contact data across apps and platforms, preventing data errors and saving time.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Every day, most of your customers will be bombarded with emails. Not all of these messages are from trusted brands. People are naturally wary of any marketing-related communications. Make sure your emails add value to your customers. This will increase your reader’s trust in your communications and increase their likelihood to click through.

When done correctly, email marketing can increase conversions over time. However, if not handled properly, email marketing can have the opposite effect. Always think about your emails from your customers’ perspective and provide them with value.

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