How to Boost Instagram Sales in 2022

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Instagram’s latest trend report claims that 1 in 4 teenagers and young adults shop directly from their feeds. Almost half of the younger generation shops on Instagram. Instagram has 130 million monthly users who tap to reveal product tags to learn more about products and make purchases.

The numbers don’t lie; if you sell online, you can’t ignore Instagram. Product photos and influencer collaborations will not suffice in 2022. Continue reading to learn about the features and practices that will help you dominate your competitors in social selling in 2022.

  • Creating an Instagram Shop
  • Make use of a digital thrift store
  • Make Use AR Shopping
  • Plan live shopping events
  • In Conclusion

Creating an Instagram Shop

Create an Instagram Shop if you don’t already have one to take advantage of all the eCommerce-friendly Instagram features. Here’s a three-step plan to get your store online today.

Once set up, Instagram users will be able to directly access your product pages. Use product tags in your posts, stories, reels, and Instagram TV.

When users tap the tags, they learn more about the product, can share it with others, buy it right away, or save it to their wishlist for later.

Make use of a digital thrift store

Instagram thrift shops bloomed in 2021. People from all over the world curate collections of repurposed items to sell on Instagram.

If you’re just starting out and looking for eCommerce business ideas, consider a social media thrift shop. Sustainability is a growing trend. Brand values are important to older generations as well as Gen Z. If you care about the environment, consider starting a business that reflects your (and many customers’) values.

Make Use AR Shopping

AR is here to stay. Filters allow users to “try on” products from the comfort of their couches.

MAC Cosmetics is a great example of AR in Instagram Shopping. Using AR filters, users can try out different lipstick shades. They almost make users feel like they are shopping in a store. Moreover, the solution aids users in making informed purchases, reducing returns for the brand.

AR filters can help buyers in various niches like beauty, fashion, and home decor.

Plan live shopping events

Live shopping also reduces the distance between seller and buyer, making the online shopping experience feel more like traditional shopping. It allows you to sell products and interact with customers live on Instagram. Your Instagram followers can also save the videos to their profiles.

If you have Instagram checkout enabled, you can complete your transactions live. If you don’t have access to the checkout yet, you can still use Instagram live streams to show off new collections and answer customer questions.

In Conclusion

To increase sales on Instagram in 2022, you must keep up with the latest trends and updates. In the meantime, create an Instagram Shop to take advantage of the various features and shopping options. Humanize your brand with AR filters and live shopping sessions. If an eCommerce store is still out of reach, consider a trending niche like thrift shops.

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