Effective Lead Generation Marketing Tactics

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation, becoming familiar with some of the industry’s best practices can help you align your strategy with your specific objectives.

Profitable results can be achieved by implementing the following expert-approved lead generation strategies:

  • Consider to implement SEO
  • Make Use of Good Content
  • Digital PR
  • Link Building
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing Lead Generation

1. Consider to implement SEO

Harris says ignoring SEO can lead to wasteful spending on key strategies like content marketing and link building.

Moreover, more than any other source, people seek information about local businesses online (SEO Tribunal). With SEO, you can increase your online search visibility and attract more customers. For example, a search engine will not see the relevance of HVAC lead generation services if they do not include SEO.

2. Make Use of Good Content

Attract your target audience’s attention with content they already like. For example, a good lawyer lead generation agency would publish content about legal FAQs. Lawyers can help people who are looking for answers online.

“Prioritize the quality over quantity for your content. Tristan Harris, lead generation expert and demand generation manager at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, says creating valuable content with strong CTAs is critical.

3. Digital PR

If link building is about increasing search rankings by partnering with authoritative sites, digital PR is about gaining media-focused links to increase brand awareness. Harris says the two are intertwined because digital PR amplifies your efforts by generating coverage and links to your site.

But keep in mind that if you want a reporter to notice your request, your content must be impressive.

4. Link Building

Link building involves gaining links from authoritative or highly credible industry websites. Backlinks can be requested or earned. However, link building establishes trustworthiness by relying on the word of another website.

Inbound marketing relies on content, SEO, and link building to drive traffic to your website. “Investing in this foundation and opening your doors to leads this way reduces your cost per lead,” he said.

5. Landing Page Optimization

The landing page does the convincing, not the PPC ads. Your next page will probably leave you unimpressed if you click an insurance lead generation ad. A landing page includes information that an ad may have missed. Each page is optimized to engage your audience and collect leads.

Inefficient and ineffective PPC or email lead generation CTAs that only link to your homepage. Optimising landing pages for such campaigns is essential, according to Harris. A/B split testing your landing page elements can improve results.

6. Pay-per-click (PPC)

Paid campaigns are always a good option for quick results. The goal of PPC marketing is to stand out from the crowd with stunning visuals and compelling copy.

Warning: PPC is not for everyone. Ads that don’t stop scrolling are ineffective. Before running PPC ads, consider a number of factors. Harris suggests considering your ad capacity, current inbound leads, budget, and more. “In some industries, with high profit margins, PPC makes sense, but not always,” he said.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization

Following up on leads is still your main goal. It involves leveraging and tweaking your strategies to improve results. With CRO, you can turn traffic from social media or email lead generation into leads. A clear CTA is one of the most important CRO and landing page optimization best practices.

An overall marketing and lead generation strategy should include at least six of these strategies, according to Harris. Your campaign approach will vary depending on your goals, target audience, and digital channels.”

8. Email Marketing Lead Generation

“You can’t email a random list and expect a response. Favor curated lists over mass blasts, Harris says. “Offer value to your readers, whether through eCommerce coupons, interesting data, or market research.”

Email marketing is a great way to generate business leads. For example, a B2B lead generation agency would prioritize email as a frequently used channel. Consider email lead generation for real estate or mortgage companies – these require more information than the average offer.

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