Taking Your Small Business Marketing Higher

There are some ways that a strategic partnership with a marketing agency can help you to improve your small business growth.

Ways that a Strategic Partnership with a Marketing Agency Can be of Help to Small Businesses Growth

Most of the businesses are finally trending in the right direction and after more than just a year of the lockdowns, the mask mandates, the restrictions, and the consumer hesitancy.

Consumer optimism has now been really steady, and there are also lots of welcoming signs of discretionary spend recovery.

But, despite all the positive outlook, the marketplace is still very rocky and also vulnerable. Nobody knows what exactly that the future holds, especially with the continued risk of different new cases surging and more contagious variants on the rise.


Businesses are not yet out of the woods.

This is the place where the marketing agencies have a unique opportunity for them to become a valuable strategic partner in other words it is where the marketing agencies can “sell” themselves and also help small businesses navigate these uncertain times and these changes.

Here are reasons why a small business owner should consider the partnering with a marketing agency:

1. Free Up the Valuable Time & Resources for the Business

According to the CallRail survey, they revealed that the two greatest roadblocks that are people face mainly for the business owners to create a marketing plan were the time and the budget:

About 44% of the respondents said they were too pressed for the time, overwhelmed with the running of the business, and had no budget to hiring anyone.
Also 74% said that they would rather spend their time on the primary business responsibilities than spending it on the marketing.

Many of the entrepreneurs are now operating with a DIY mindset and they try to juggle too many tasks on their own.

Choosing a marketing agency will offer more of an experience to the table while also helping you to free up owner’s invaluable time for other important tasks that you may have in some way fallen by the roadside.


2. Monitor Trends & Make the Experience-Based Recommendations

We are aware that COVID-19 took the market by storm. Most of the businesses did not know what they are to expect, and then they found themselves floundering to navigating the new market.

While that a professional marketing agency would still be facing those same old challenges, that they have had the added benefit of years, even the decades of marketing experience that will help them in making strategic decisions.

About 81% of the small business owners attest that for them having a marketing strategy was very critical to the success of their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. A strategy that has been grounded in the long-term experience can mean the difference between the survival and the demise.

If businesses are not focusing on the smart marketing, they are missing out on the revenue.


3. Reduce the Extra Payroll Costs While Gaining More Resources

A 67% of the survey respondents said that they wish they had hired a marketing agency rather than them hiring internally.

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