Create Your Own Email Marketing Strategy in Just Few Steps

Creating an email marketing strategy does not have to be that complicated. The following there are just few steps that will help you plan your work and work your plan in no time.


Choose Your Tools


To find the right tools is the first step in your strategy to begin with. A lot of these platforms are very powerful and can be of help to you in organizing and sending your emails at the drop of a hat.

Email Marketing Tools
Some of the common email marketing tools that you might consider to use are:

1. MailChimp
2. Campaign Monitor
3. Constant Contact
4. ActiveCampaign
This is just a short list in a sea of other email tools that you could use. You can find the tool that fits your team based on what you want to accomplish with your email marketing.

Marketing Automation Tools
You might not just want to stop at a simple email marketing tool. You may also want to consider adding a marketing automation tool to your list.

The Marketing automation makes it pretty easy for you to follow up with your customers and also send subscribers the right email at the right time based on how your customers are interacting with your website. Some of the email marketing platforms have basic marketing automation features built-in — for example; like the option to send birthday email messages automatically.

It is worth taking some time for you to figure out the depths of marketing automation that you need and your bandwidth for maintaining the automation initiatives. These activities sometimes can take a big chunk of time to manage.

These are Potential automation tools to add to your list:

The Autopilot: Autopilot makes it very easy to plan journeys and to also trigger the send your subscribers emails based on how they are interacting with your website.

The Userfox: Userfox is a small, an email-focused automation tool that sends emails to the subscribers based on the events that you put into the system. The Userfox was bought by the Adroll Group in the year 2014.

The HubSpot: Hubspot does not have as much of the email automation functionality as the other two that is on this list, but it is suited for those companies who want to control multiple aspects from one tool.

The Marketo: This is a powerful marketing automation tool that is most suitable for enterprise-level marketers.

The Pardot: The Pardot is a full solution that helps the marketers to create meaningful connections, and to generate more pipeline, also to empower sales to close more deals.

This marketing automation option fits well if you make use of the Salesforce as your CRM.
Once you have your tools, you’ll need to add them to the first slide in your email marketing strategy template like the list below:

Tool selection slide from template

Action Items:

1. Research email marketing tools.
2. Compare which ones will work best for your marketing team.
3. Add them to your strategy template.

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