The Best Way For Organizing an Effective Email Marketing Strategy (Template)

Managing email marketing successfully is not very easy to achieve, especially when you have multiple email initiatives going on at once.

The value of email marketing is undeniable, so it is really not surprising that many departments within your organization want to just leverage the platform. This results in lots of different moving pieces to consider and also many stakeholders to please. It also make increase the chances of you accidentally sending multiple emails to the same person just in one day.

If we should speak from personal experience… the fallout of this is not pretty at all.

Here are just a few pieces of the puzzle that you will have to consider:

1. Managing your ever-growing subscriber list
2. Overseeing the design and copy of every email
3. Scheduling delivery times
4. A/B testing
5. Analyzing results
All these are just scratching the surface.

One thing is very clear: if you are going to be successful at email marketing, then you will need a well-planned marketing strategy in place; one that clearly establishes the goals and the lays out of the roadmap to achieve them.

We’ll be giving you something that can guide your team toward success.


Here is how to plan your entire email marketing strategy via the @CoSchedule


Downloading Your Email Marketing Strategy Template

Before you continue to read, you will need to download your email marketing strategy template. This ‘easy to use’ PowerPoint will be of help to you if you want to document your plan and give the rest of your email team something that they can refer back to when they have questions.

Download Graphic
Get Your Email Marketing Strategy Template Now
Plus, you will need to stay up to date.
The Best Way for you to Organize an Effective Email Marketing Strategy via @CoSchedule

Then Manage Email Marketing With The CoSchedule

If you are just new to the CoSchedule, it is the only marketing suite to manage every facet of your marketing.

It even integrates with the popular email marketing services giving you the ultimate visibility into your email strategy, so you will never send multiple emails to the same person in just one day again.

Visual of how you can schedule your emails through CoSchedule

With Email Marketing from CoSchedule, you can:

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite email marketing platform. Email platforms are very powerful, and you have grown to know and to love yours. Why give it up now? CoSchedule integrates with many preferred platforms, so that your email marketing is no longer disjointed from the rest of your marketing initiatives.

You can write a click-worthy email subject lines every time. The CoSchedule’s awesome Email Subject Line Tester is built right in, so that you can optimize and you can perfect every subject line to drive more opens, clicks, and conversions also.

You can get full visibility into your ENTIRE marketing strategy. The disjointed marketing content and the constant jumping from screen to screen is the worst. With the Email Marketing from CoSchedule, all of your email campaigns live on your single marketing calendar — giving you the ultimate visibility into your marketing strategy and the individual initiatives.

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