Content Curation Software and Tools

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According to a Curata survey, nearly half of B2B marketers waste time creating content from scratch. It allows you to focus on the more creative and strategic aspects of content curation. These content curation tools come in all shapes and sizes.

  • RSS based tools

These are software tools that collect content from multiple websites. Users must sift through relevant results to find the most valuable content. Many RSS-based content curators return with prioritized results based on brand needs.

Feedly is an example of an RSS tool. The platform introduces Leo, an AI research assistant. Leo can be “taught” topics relevant to your brand, and it will curate the best content for you. Leo prioritizes the most valuable keyword, trend, topic, and content on your list.

  • Social bookmarking websites

Users can bookmark websites, articles, and media using a browser-based tool. Bookmark-based content curation software collects content from websites you’ve saved.

  • Curators robots

Other software collects relevant content but leaves curation to the users. Automated curators, on the other hand, curate the relevant articles.

Take UpContent. It will comb through millions of articles per month to find the best for your brand. Custom search parameters allow you to narrow your searches and personalize your content shares. Moreover, the platform’s seamless integrations make sharing content simple.

  • Curators of content

Where do you start with millions of options? This platform generates a list of valuable articles or media based on your keyword searches. These tools can even filter the newest content.

SocialPilot is one such platform. This software provides a list of content pieces to help you brainstorm content curation ideas. Filter out recent content relevant to your audience. The platform also allows for flexible scheduling to help you share your curated content at the best time.

  • Publication tool

If you want to increase engagement, you should publish curated content regularly. It is possible to publish your curated content without using third-party social media platforms. These tools can also help with cross-website sharing.

Curata’s self-learning engine helps you find the best content, organize it with a few clicks, and publish it anywhere. This software improves your search results based on your content sharing and satisfaction rate.

  • Social media dashboards

You can also use an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need to navigate multiple systems. Like ContentStudio. This social media management tool’s Content Discovery module can help you find relevant content. The same platform can curate, publish, and promote your content.

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