Why Is Twitter Necessary for Your Business?

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Twitter has 330 million monthly users and sends out over 500 million tweets daily. This makes it a great platform for business communication as well as personal communication. Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. Using a platform like Twitter allows businesses to easily and affordably engage with their audience. Twitter accounts are free, so why not use it for business?

  • Increase Your Brand’s Visibility
  • Connect To Customers
  • Contribute to Your Brand’s Success Through Followers
  • Track Customer Opinion
  • Be Engaging
  • Increase Website Traffic

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

A Twitter account can help build a company’s brand even if it doesn’t need an introduction. Smaller businesses may not start with a large following, but with regular tweets and relevant hashtags, they can reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. This happens without paid advertising, but Twitter users interact with ads 26% more than other social media users.

Connect To Customers

Twitter, with millions of users and growing daily, is a great place to find new customers. Twitter was created to help people connect. Twitter enables real-time open dialogue.

You can educate your customers, use humor, and humanize their interactions with you. Connecting with customers builds trust and loyalty. Oberlo claims 40% of Twitter users made a purchase after seeing it on Twitter.

Contribute to Your Brand’s Success Through Followers

Tweets can go viral, increasing brand awareness. Even if your tweets don’t go viral, your followers can still help. They can tweet their love for your product and tag you. Those who don’t follow you can see your tweet if you like it. They are spreading your message if they retweet it.

Track Customer Opinion

Because customers can tag you in their own tweets, Twitter is a great way to monitor customer sentiment. Marketing can address themes if they are identified. You may learn why certain products are popular or what your customers consider the most common flaw. Using Twitter to develop more desirable products and refine your brand can help your business succeed.

Be Engaging

Twitter is engaging, which is great. Your website is a one-way street, but Twitter is two-way. You can announce new products and monitor reactions in real-time. Twitter allows you to survey customers and promote sales with discounts. You can build your base and increase loyalty by offering special deals to your followers. It’s also a great way to provide visible customer service. A customer who publicly addresses a problem can be offered quick and helpful customer service which can improve your reputation. They don’t have to wait days to find out if their email was received.

Increase Website Traffic

Twitter can help increase website traffic. Did you know that 47% of people who visit a Twitter profile also visit the profile’s website? It’s not just about relying on people visiting your profile. You can share new blogs as well as old blogs that are still useful. Promote sales and new products on your website. This will increase your followers’ loyalty and trust in your brand. You should vary your tweets and avoid spamming, but you can send relevant links daily.

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