Exploring Marketing Strategy and Your Data

Are you getting the most out of your marketing strategy and your data or are you not? This is a question you should as yourself if you are to move to greater heights.

The best way for you to approach this is with a ‘data driven’ mindset, which results in the capturing of good quality data at the source – good data quality means the creating of data correctly the first time. To fully maximise and to fully optimise assets such as leads and the data, you should also invest in a solution that addresses the data quality and the data integration.


Optimising your marketing channels
An omnichannel approach to the marketing and to the communications is highly effective for the driving sales, but it should be noted that these functions often operate in the silos. This can result in an inconsistent customer experience across the marketing funnel and it can also negatively affect the marketing ROI.

Good marketers can be able to identify the most appropriate mediums and the channels to push marketing campaigns out, the whilst tracking performance in detail. The Omnichannel campaigns typically comprise of the multiple layers of user engagement and the actions, all of which are requiring the data intelligence to identify insights about each segment.

One option for the marketers to achieve this is for them to use the customised solutions that seamlessly integrate the multiple tools, the functions, and the systems with the automation to serve the business’s unique needs.

A comprehensive, integrated solution is key
In an ideal world now, your marketing team can start achieving this without the hassle of the platform-hopping or dealing with all the bulky integration issues. Interestingly, a solution like this is existing, and it was been developed by Unico.

The Unico offers a full suite of the marketing automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with the legacy databases and the systems. By analysing your organisation’s needs through the reviewing your existing systems, the processes, and the marketing functions, the Unico’s team will be able to identify where automation can add value. Your customised solution will be then optimised to align with your corporate goals, the internal “key performance indicator” (KPIs), and the overarching marketing strategy.

The Unico can also consolidate your customer data and also generate the customised reports to help your team to make informed strategic decisions. Onboarding with the Unico is pretty simple, as they will also be able to provide a tailored training program that is bespoke to your team’s skills and the knowledge.

You can be rest assured that the assistance will be given every step of the way through their 24/7 customer support and also their maintenance service. If you want to learn more about Unico’s unique blend of consultancy, the data integration, and the automation capability get in touch today.

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