8 Content Marketing Trends for 2022

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Content marketing is vital for brand growth and audience targeting.

You won’t get more leads, convert more, or grow your email list without it.

You can stay ahead of the competition if you keep up with your customers’ demands.

Content marketing revenue now exceeds $42 billion annually, according to Statista. To avoid being left behind, many companies are prioritizing content marketing.

Focus on the content marketing trends listed below to make 2022 your company’s best year yet.

1. Visual storytelling via augmented reality (AR)

Visuals convey information far more effectively than text.

MIT neuroscientists discovered the brain can recognize images seen for 13 milliseconds. Text does not go into our long-term memory like images do.

So great images in your content are essential if you want people to remember and care about your brand. Similarly, you can spice up your communications by removing monotony and inviting customers to ask for more.

In 2021, 93.3 million people will use augmented reality at least once.

Pokémon Go, IKEA, Sephora, and Warby Parker have all used augmented reality to attract customers.

2. The rise of podcasts

Educational podcasts are in high demand, and many businesses plan to jump on board in 2022. Many popular podcasts already target entrepreneurs and business owners. Podcasts are a great way to inform your audience on a variety of topics. They can also help your content marketing strategy.

The power of podcasting for content marketers You can use them to highlight the benefits of your products or services to niche customers. Use them on social media to complement your blog posts. Podcasts have a personal touch that text cannot. Use your voice to convey emotions that your audience can relate to.

3. AI (artificial intelligence) technology

Many start-ups have limited resources. They must learn to maximize them. Automation of data processing and analysis facilitates decision-making.

Improving human labor productivity and efficiency with AI will increase in 2022.

Customers expect quick responses. Thus, AI-powered chatbots will be used in content marketing. As AI technology advances, more tools for data analysis and marketing content creation will become available. This automation allows employees to focus on their core duties.

4. First-rate search engine optimization (SEO)

Content marketing and SEO require consistency. Original and creative content indexes faster and ranks higher than repetitive and low-value content.

95% of users only look at the first page of results. Your content won’t be seen unless it’s on the first page. So optimizing your content pays off.

Your content should persuade and help customers who are trying to solve problems. Use relevant keywords in your content and target specific visitors to help Google recognize and rank your page.

Content marketing and SEO are intertwined. Both are required. Success requires SEO-friendly content marketing. Together, SEO and content marketing can be a formidable force.

5. Using voice search

Alexa-enabled devices are a clear indicator that voice-activated entertainment is in high demand and will continue to grow in 2022. Millions of smart speakers, mostly Google Home Minis, have been sold globally. So nowadays most homes have an intelligent device with voice search capabilities.

As voice search grows in popularity, content marketers will incorporate it into campaigns. Around 132 million Americans now use voice-activated devices.

6. Creating a content plan

Without formal documentation, both established and new businesses have successfully used content marketing. Of those polled by the Content Marketing Institute, 41% lacked documentation to back up their

As content marketing evolves, a defined content marketing plan becomes increasingly important. A documented strategy will help you stay organized and efficient in 2022 and beyond, as well as ease team recruitment.

7. Individualization

Data-driven content marketing can help established and new businesses better understand their target markets. In every stage of the buying cycle, the data you collect can help you create content that meets your target audience’s needs.

Nowadays, it’s simple to research your competitors. You can position your startup to achieve marketing goals by carefully researching your competitors’ content and how your target customers react to it.

8. ABM (account-based marketing)

B2B marketers used to use the same sales funnel. This is no longer true and will not be in 2022. Account-based marketing is gaining popularity in B2B marketing.

No generic blog posts to try and catch leads. Quite the contrary.

Less effective than general brand ads that appeal to your entire industry and drive more traffic to your site. An account-based marketing strategy uses quality outreach and relationship building to win over business accounts — customized content and experiences are the goal.

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