What Are Email Validation Services and How Do They Work?

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Did you know that if your email list contains more than 10% invalid addresses, email service providers may deliver only half of your emails? Recent declines in your open rates could be a result of your emails not reaching the recipient’s inbox. To address this issue, email validation services are used.

After twelve months, it is predicted that 21% of the average B2B email list will be invalid. Despite the improved B2C numbers, email list degradation continues to be a significant issue.

According to Jupiter Research, over 20% of email registrations contained errors. Additionally, your list may now contain an additional batch of invalid emails. Bounced, blacklisted, or SPAM trap emails, regardless of their origin, will harm your list.

How is Email Validation implemented?

Validating an email address entails ascertaining its existence. An email validation service verifies the validity of an email address by comparing it to its service provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail).

For example, an email validation tool will flag an incorrect and invalid email address if a customer signs up with a typographical error in their email address. Additionally, the tool is capable of detecting spammy email addresses and misdirection generated in this manner.

What are the mechanisms by which Email Validation works?

To begin, you must bulk upload your email address list. You can determine whether an email address is valid, risky, or invalid by utilizing email validation tools.

  • Valid: This indicates that the email address is valid and error-free.
  • Dangerous: While it is possible that this address will still result in a bounce due to its existence, there are additional factors to consider.
  • Invalid: An invalid email address contains errors in the syntax, DNS, or mailbox.

A valid email list will help your email marketing campaigns succeed

  • Eliminating invalid emails from your list increases email deliverability by up to 98%.
  • You can increase deliverability by maintaining a high Sender Score.
  • By avoiding sending emails to inactive subscribers, you can save money and increase your return on investment.
  • A higher volume of emails means a higher percentage of opens and clicks, as well as overall better performance.

Variety of Ways for Validation of Emails

  1. When a customer types their email address, you can include an automatic completion feature to assist them in selecting the correct address. This minimizes the possibility of human error when manually entering data.
  2. Consider utilizing a free email list verification tool that provides instant feedback on the validity of an email address.
  3. The most effective method of validating email addresses is through double opt-in. As soon as customers subscribe to your newsletter or email list, send them an email requesting confirmation of their subscription. While some object to this option because it may result in decreased opt-in rates, we believe it is preferable to have accurate data.

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