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Facebook Reporting An Efficacy of Its Platform Safety & Also The Integrity Measures

Over the past few years, many of the users have been worried about Facebook’s use of their personal data, as well as the issues with transparency,the hate speech, and also the misinformation.

While all of these mentioned issues are still in play and are still having impact on users, the good news is that the Facebook’s updated platform safety and integrity rules are now making a positive impact towards this issues.

In the first quarter of the year 2021, we saw some the following improvements:

1. Violent and graphic content has decreased to .03%, and down .05% from the last quarter
2. Hate speech also has decreased from .07-.08% to .05-.06%
3. The rate of content “actions” has been taken 10x higher, and we have seen the proactive rate shift from around 24% to 97%.

Facebook impact of brand safety tools on platform

This is a great news for brands, because this will create a more positive and a safe platform for all the users.


The New Instagram Insights for Reels & Also The Live Video

The Instagram Reels and Live are two very exceptionally valuable features on the Instagram. They are currently both popular and also capable of driving reach, driving engagement, and even the brand awareness.

It is a great news, therefore, that we are getting a new native data for both if them to assess their performance and to also impact on our overall marketing strategies. This will be found under the Instagram’s Insights, which you have access to already as a Business or as a Creator account.

Insights for Instagram Reels

Reels will get the following metrics:

1. Plays
2. Accounts reached
5. Saves

The Live videos will get the following:

1. Accounts reached
2. Peak concurrent viewers
These metrics gotten will also be added to the Account Insights, to help get a better big picture look of the campaigns’ impact.

Also more good news: Now over the next few months, the Instagram has been working to roll out new preset time frame options so as to let marketers view beyond the 7 or the 30 day periods. Insights will be supported also on the desktop. You need to stay tuned for that!

New Tools for The Asian & The Pacific-Islander Owned Businesses
A recent study had showed that the API-owned businesses have been the most harshly impacted of all the demographic groups during the time of pandemic, seeing a decrease of about 20% in working business owners from the February to December of the year 2020.

Starting from on the May 17th, Facebook has invited users and the businesses to support the Amplify API program. They offered content and offered training opportunities which is tailored to API-owned small and medium-sized businesses, and they are committed to spotlighting and to showcasing small businesses from around the API community.

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