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The Live Shopping Fridays Announced
It feels a little like the QVC’s

infomercials have come to a full circle, but we are unbelievably excited about the Facebook’s new announcement of the “Live Shopping Fridays.

Which started in mid-May and is now running every Friday through the July 16th, beauty and fashion brands will also go Live and showcase the beauty and the fashion products and tutorials in real time. You can find these streams on the participating brands’ Pages or by simply browsing the Shopping tab.

Users will now be able to purchase products that is featured in-stream by just tapping on them while viewing, and they also can purchase without ever leaving the app.

Facebook live shopping Fridays

These list below are the current topics and dates on the map:

1. Glow Up – May 21, June 11 and July 2 12:00PM – 1:30PM PT/3:00PM – 4:30PM PT
2. New Fashion Finds – May 28, June 18 and July 9 12:00PM – 1:30PM PT/3:00PM – 4:30PM PT
3. Self Care Spotlight – June 4, June 25 and July 16 12:00PM – 1:30PM PT/3:00PM – 4:30PM PT

While only those major brands like the Abercrombie & the Fitch and the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are also participating this year, it will be a very interesting one to see if more advertisers will gain access to the live shopping features on a more regular basis. Just stay tuned!


Final Thoughts

While the month was seen as a relatively slow month for Facebook updates overall, the information and the new features that we have gained are very valuable.

A breakdown that is done of the ad review process is a good reminder for users who are just unfamiliar with how things works and the consequences of trying to game the system, for example.

The biggest standout feature that was announced here for Facebook alone is the Live Shopping Fridays, and it will be really fascinating to see how effective these campaigns are and whether we will even see a more “semi-permanent” shopping feature that will roll out to more advertisers overtime.

In the meantime, this is for your reminder also to check in with your ad campaigns since you now see that the iOS 14.5 and the ATT are in full swing. You should always watch those campaigns closely, and also look at some new ways to adapt if your campaigns take any hits outside of the expected reductions in efficacy of the website and the data tracking for reporting purposes.

What do you think? Which of these updates you feel that you are most excited about? What do you really want to see next?

The ATT Is Here
The Apple’s AppTracking Transparency update has for awhile now been the talk of the town even for a few months now. Since this app would require that all the other apps obtained user consent to freely collect user data (instead of having the users opted-in as a default option that they would need to proactively opt-out of), we have know early on that this could have an enormous impact on the Facebook Advertisers who make use of this information to serve better ads and the on-platform experiences to its users.

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