Top Facebook Updates April 2021

On the month April 26th 2021, the ATT was officially launched. Apps must first get users permission for them to track data, and they also explain why you will want to track additional user information (like their emails) when you submit your app to Apple for a review.

ATT tracking Facebook update from the blog post

This update is likely to have an impact on custom audiences from site and the app activity, and Facebook has acknowledged that it may also impact the accuracy of both the tracking and the ad optimization. While this will only be true for those users of mobile iOS and their activity in-app, this may also still have a wide-reaching impact. You can still learn more about how to prepare.

Facebook Addresses The COVID-19 Misinformation

Unfortunately, the misinformation that is on Facebook is nothing new, and it has now potentially reached an all-new level of dangerous during this COVID-19.

Months back, Facebook shared what it has been doing to address the misinformation about COVID. So far, they have created a global network of over 80 independent fact-checkers who are reviewing content across over the 60 different languages, aided by the AI advancements. The AI tools currently have been removing the COVID-19 misinformation that is flagged by global experts, removing a total number of about 12 million pieces of content about the virus and also about its vaccine.

While this has been controversial amongst some users, it is still interesting to see how Facebook has responded to this misinformation and understand the process that is behind it. We can assume that this is how they will have to handle the misinformation regarding the objective, the science-based information in the future.

New Business Suite Features
The Facebook’s Business Suite that was launched last year, and it is like a central hub for your Facebook and even for the Instagram marketing.

Last month, they rolled out some new features to the business suite, this features including the following:

1. The ability to schedule and to post Stories to the both Facebook and the Instagram, which is fairly groundbreaking
2. The option to edit scheduled posts
3. The ability to create, to edit, and to manage albums
4. Saving posts in a draft mode

Facebook update business suite showing post scheduling

The Stories posting and the scheduling feature is the biggest standout here, as that is something that most of the users do not have access to just yet.

New Dynamic Ads for Streaming
If you have done a double-take when you read “dynamic ads for streaming,” then you are not alone, but it is a really exciting new feature.

These ads are meant to be of help to video streaming brands to show off their content to their target audience. When they view the ad, they can swipe through the slides to see more different personalized suggestions that are relevant to them. They are very similar to the Facebook’s traditional dynamic ads, only that they show off different media titles instead of showing off products.

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