A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

The growing of an e-commerce business can be summed up in just two words and that is—digital marketing. Companies are now placing their ads where the eyeballs are: the Instagram, the Facebook, the YouTube, the TikTok, the Pinterest and other trending platforms. Brands that have also effective social media campaigns are now seeing major returns. You need more than just having a good product to see a spike in revenue from the digital advertisements. Many startups are recently losing money creating the lackluster ads or failing to analyze their metrics to possibly reach their target demographic.

If you are just starting out or you are struggling to create an effective campaign, here are some tips for you to grow revenue through the digital marketing.


Use Relevant Content

Those days when you will see different companies that are needing the big marketing dollars just to produce the advertisement campaigns are no more, those days are long gone. The today’s social ads are now looking less like the those cinematic TV commercials that are used in the days past, and they are now looking more like an organic content that anyone could create just making use of an iPhone and some basic editing software. The large and the small businesses are using the customer or the influencer testimonial videos or the shooting videos from their phone, the adding subtitles, the music and uploading the content as an ad. When it is done right, this approach will translate to the customer acquisitions.

You can test out different creative assets for you to discover what your audience are responding to. The social media algorithms favor video, so that is a very good place for you to start. Include the subtitles as most users will want to watch on mute.

Social media has really changed the way that the consumers speak and what they are responding to. The user-driven trends have come here to stay, so you need to keep up on the current trends to create content consumers respond to. And a trend that is going viral on one platform (just think of the rise of the TikTok videos with the on-screen text) will likely carry over to all of the social media channels.

Start Small

The last thing that you want to do is for you to go all in and spend a sizeable amount on an ad that is not performing at all or not performing well. First, you will need to identify who your potential customers are through the market research, the surveys and also by testing out audiences through the Facebook or the Instagram ads. You will need to optimize your ad spend by the ROAS (return on ad spend) instead of the CPA (cost per acquisition), the CPC (cost per click), and others. As we know that it is often the metric that will make the most sense out for your business. If your website is seen to be user friendly, the ads are very compelling and visible to your demographic, the sales will come in.

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