The X Factor Growth marketing

The website is currently one of the most critical aspect of your marketing program and it is essential to building a foundation of the trust of your prospect and also converting them into a long term customers. The X Factor are the things that spur the marketing growth. It specializes more in the creating and also specializes in promoting new sites or in the rejuvenating of your “blah” web presence converting into a lead converting machine.

First, you need to invest the time to define how your business will be unique and also try to understand the type of customers that you hope to attract. Then you will be able to build the proper messaging and a comfortable web-enabled journey for your prospect that will compel them to start acting and also engaging you for more details.


Consumer Trend

In these time that is fast-changing, one of the most important questions that marketers are asking themselves is, “Which of the changes are permanent?” As we are now searching for new ways that will help us to thrive in this our new world, this question is a very crucial one.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, we have seen different consumer behaviors become more and more dynamic and also becoming unpredictable than ever. Now, few years into the COVID-19, we see three consumer trends that are emerging that businesses should keep in mind as they are moving forward:

1. The pandemic has now accelerated the existing shifts in behavior
2. People now need more help than ever navigating choice complexity
3. People want an open and an affordable digital world, and that requires the relevant ads that respect their privacy.

Leveraging competitor insights

For you brainstorming and then trying to imagine the most beautiful, those eye-catching, the hook-inducing creative does not always happen just like that, in a blink of an eye or within just seconds, let alone for minutes or even hours. This is where it comes to the area of utilizing competitor insights where the insights comes into play.

The most abundant resource that is very much available right now is the Facebook Ads Library. Because it contains all the creative assets that every advertiser is making use of across the platform. It always gives me surprise how few people actually know of this free and powerful tool.

When you are trying to browse through the competitors or browsing through the best-in-class advertisers in this library, to know a sign of a great performing creative you should look for how long a time an advertiser has been running specific assets. How does one discover that? The date of when an advertiser began running their creative is stamped there conveniently on each of the asset — this is just beyond powerful. I can just spend hours simply trying to scan through the creative assets, and each of the advertiser are now providing even more intel and more inspiration.

The Creative should be at the top of the list as you are thinking of where to place your efforts on your paid social growth marketing. The types of strategies put in motion will still vary over time, but what would not vary is the importance on the strong creative, the make it or the break it factor to success.

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