How To Export Emails In Webmail Using Horde

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Webmail is a web-based email system that allows you to access and use your email from practically anywhere with an internet connection. It does not require any program installation, unlike Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. It’s a type of service that some businesses and Internet service providers offer.

These types of server-based email services are very popular among younger users. In this circumstance, these services provide an ideal alternative to email services, such to Microsoft Outlook, where emails are saved on-site in the physical storage drive and login into a connection with the server is required to access email.

Webmail is an excellent solution for folks who are frequently away from their computers and use different devices. Yahoowebmail’s services include Gmail, Hotmail, and other prominent providers, all of which offer massive amounts of storage and are almost all free.

You can export email addresses from Horde clients. To export email addresses from your webmail, follow the steps outlined below:

Follow these procedures to export contacts from Horde

1: You can access Horde by simply logging in.

2: Click Address Book in the upper taskbar.

3: Select Import/Export from the drop-down menu.

4: Select the export file format and the address book you wish to export under export address book.

5: Click the Export button.

6: Save the file to your computer’s hard drive.

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