Top 3 SEO software platforms for blogger outreach

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Let us take a look at top 3 SEO software platforms for blogger outreach.

  • BuzzSumo— Best Blogger & Influencer Tracking Tool
  • MuckRack— Best Public Relations Tool
  • PitchBox— Best Integrated Blogger Outreach Tool

BuzzSumo— Best Blogger & Influencer Tracking Tool

BuzzSumo is a global blogger outreach tool. Using intelligent search filters and lists of top sharers of specific content, it helps you find the most valuable bloggers and influencers to promote your brand.

Using the Top Sharer list, you can find people who retweet or share specific articles. So you can find influencers within your own networks. Using the BuzzSumo Authors tool, you can compile a list of the most shared content creators, allowing you to focus on the key voices driving discussion.

Because many bloggers share their content on social media, BuzzSumo allows you to track its performance across various platforms (like Twitter or Facebook). This helps you understand your audience’s preferences and adjust your blog outreach strategy accordingly. They also provide access to 500,000 pre-vetted journalist profiles, many of which have blogs.

Your brand will be covered by BuzzSumo’s alerts so you can react quickly and engage with the new audience. Overall, BuzzSumo offers a powerful set of tools for promoting your brand and optimizing your SEO strategy.

MuckRack— Best Public Relations Tool

This is the all-in-one PR software you’ve been waiting for. It helps users find relevant bloggers, media outlets, and other public figures. In addition to finding bloggers and journalists, MuckRack lets you track your success.

MuckRack can also be used to track broadcasts, social media, and news. This makes it a must-have for any online business, not just those in SEO, PR, or marketing. Collaboration makes MuckRack a powerful tool for agencies and in-house teams.

MuckRack’s business side allows you to optimize your profile, target journalists and media outlets, and track your campaigns and coverage. In addition to the journalist side, the tool is marketed as a way for reporters to find sources, track their beat, and keep up with current events.

In summary, MuckRack is a must-have for any SEO, PR, or marketing professional. It also helps businesses monitor their online presence and media landscape.

PitchBox— Best Integrated Blogger Outreach Tool

PitchBox is popular for SEO and blogger outreach. It has a lot of great features and integrates with top SEO providers like Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs for easy data sharing. This can keep a disparate SEO software stack together, making a team more efficient.

You can also tailor your outreach and follow-up to keep your blog targets engaged and interested. PitchBox also helps you make data-driven decisions with in-depth tracking so your SEO campaigns are always effective.

For link building and blogger outreach campaigns, PitchBox wants to be your ‘end-to-end link outreach platform’. You can search their extensive database of bloggers and other online content creators or import your own data to get started quickly.

PitchBox’s user interface and reporting are streamlined so you can focus on your content and SEO goals. The tool can help any business improve their online marketing results.

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