The Best SEO Software for Link Building

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Want to build more links? Check out the best SEO software platforms for organic link building.

  • Linkody: Best Link Building Tool for Analysis
  • Majestic SEO: Best SEO Software for Link Tracking
  • Ahrefs: Best SEO Software for Link Building
  1. Linkody: Best Link Building Tool for Analysis

The best backlink tracker, Linkody lets you know when you lose or gain links, learn about your competitors’ link building strategies, and analyze your link profile. Linkody is a leading backlink tracker that allows you to manage all your links and domains in one place.

This software has many benefits for SEO experts. Above all, it allows users to quickly assess their link profile and make necessary corrections. That makes their backlink disavow tool a valuable tool in any link builder’s arsenal.

Linkody also tracks links 24/7, allowing users to focus on other tasks. Finally, the platform provides all necessary data and tools for assessing a link’s value, such as Moz DA, Spam Score, and Google index status. Linkody can provide a more accurate picture of a link’s value by averaging multiple trust signals.

  1. Majestic SEO: Best SEO Software for Link Tracking

Majestic SEO is a suite of tools for researching and tracking backlinks. The Backlink Checker & Link Builder tool is great for finding great websites to link from and tracking your favorites over time. In addition to finding links nearby, Link Context can also find the top backlinks for any website.

Majestic also provides a range of industry-standard metrics for comparing websites and URLs, making it simple to rank your links. There are three unique features that can be used to measure a website’s link popularity and overall visibility.

The Majestic crawler has assigned a website a trust flow. A high trust flow indicates a trustworthy website with high-quality links.

Citation flow, on the other hand, measures a website’s influence based on links. The more citations a website has, the more influential it is.

Finally, visibility flow measures a website’s visibility by counting visitors. The higher the flow of visibility, the more popular the website (in terms of visitors and user count). All of these metrics can help you make better link building decisions.

This tool helps you find potential partners by looking at your competitors’ websites.

  1. Ahrefs: Best SEO Software for Link Building

Ahrefs is a well-known and respected link building tool. It provides detailed information on over a billion web pages, including SEO and social metrics. This data can be filtered and refined to help you find what you need and build high quality links quickly.

Broken link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy, and Ahrefs makes it simple. Enter a URL and the tool will display all broken links on that page. You can then contact the webmaster and ask them to replace the link with yours.

Ahrefs can also be used to analyze your competitors’ link building tactics. Discover which links work best for them and get ideas for your own campaigns. For your next project, they’re an excellent all-around tool for digital marketers.

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