6 Powerful Ways to Increase E-Commerce Brand Awareness

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An e-commerce brand’s brand awareness is crucial. Because the competition is fierce, you need people to know who you are, what you stand for, and your products.

A strong brand helps increase revenue, hire new employees, and attract new investors.

Here are 6 ways to increase brand awareness

  • Throw in some free merch
  • Do a giveaway
  • Send PR kits
  • Make use of Content marketing
  • Use social media to market
  • Try SEO
  1. Throw in some free merch

Offer free company merch like stickers, hoodies, stationery, or other apparel to your first or loyal customers. These customers then become your brand’s micro-ambassadors, spreading the word about you.

You don’t need to invest a lot because there are many print on demand services available. Any number of objects can be created using a merch maker.

  1. Do a giveaway

Giveaways can help build brand awareness early on. Invite users to post about your brand and reward them with a free product. You can also do a joint giveaway with another brand. Assemble a clear goal. Giveaways can also increase sales. If you want to raise brand awareness, watch for an increase in traffic and clicks for branded keywords.

  1. Send PR kits

Find influencers in your niche and send them free PR kits to build brand awareness. These kits can be used for haul or review videos. Even if they don’t like everything, you can get some social media mentions.

  1. Make use of Content Marketing

Any brand seeking to raise its profile requires content. It’s not unheard of for an e-commerce brand to publish content. Many brands started adjacent pages to raise brand awareness. You can talk about makeup and trends on your main page or another page if you sell beauty products.

  1. Use social media to market

Along with a solid organic strategy that includes platform-specific content, hashtags, posting schedules, and visually appealing templates, you may need to consider paid ads.

It’s difficult for e-commerce brands with hundreds of products to creatively target the right audience. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create dynamic ads to solve this issue. You can use the ad network to get the ad in front of the right people.

Like TikTok, Instagram now allows you to run ads in between organic content. Instagram now has Reels ads. An ad may appear between the content. You can set this as an objective when creating the ad. Instead of revenue growth, look at increased impressions and reach.

  1. Try SEO

SEO for e-commerce brands is a different animal. There are usually hundreds of products, so that must be considered, while the initial setup of the website must be good technical SEO.

All product pages should be optimized for keywords and basic on-page SEO. Off-page SEO is getting other publications to notice you and write about you or recommend your product(s) to their readers.

In Summary

Brand recognition takes time. It takes patience, strategy, and consistency. It is best to have an omnichannel branding guideline so that everyone on the team knows how to position the brand online. Staff are your greatest asset. Create an employee advocacy program that rewards sharing company news.

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