The value of internal links in your SEO strategy

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Internal link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Despite its effectiveness, not many websites use this technique to increase their visibility. We’ll go over how internal link building helps in various ways. But first, let’s clarify what we mean by internal links.

Internal links lead to pages within the same domain. Internal link building is when you use a link on one page to redirect readers to another page on your site. It may appear blatant self-promotion, but it is vital to the success of new pages.

  • Internal link building in Google’s eyes
  • Boosting a page’s ranking
  • It’s very profitable

Internal link building in Google’s eyes

Google makes extensive use of internal linking because it uses them to determine when a website has added new content, such as a new page on their blog. Otherwise, Google may take a long time to index your new page. Internal link building involves not only presenting new content to your users, but also to Google, thereby increasing its importance.

Boosting a page’s ranking

Internal links also benefit the page you link to, as they are one of Google’s ranking factors. So a page with lots of links to it will be ranked higher than one only accessible via the website’s interface. Internal links tell search engines like Google that a page is important and that people will want to know about it.

It’s very profitable

What is the goal of any SEO strategy or website? Sure, to make money! Internal link building is one of the most profitable ways to earn more money from your website by simply providing content regardless of SEO. Internal links allow you to direct visitors to specific pages or parts of your website, allowing you to better target your marketing efforts.

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