Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss

We are running to the tail end of the year, and we are also moving into the beautiful summer weather. And it is not only the beach trips, the family holidays, and the backyard barbecues we are going to be looking forward to; we have got information on the Facebook news and also updates, too.

We have got news about how the Facebook’s ad review process works, the information about how the safety features have really impacted on the Facebook, the new Instagram Insights tools, the Live Shopping Fridays, and the new API tools for the Asian and the Pacific Islander businesses.

There is also plenty for us to look at, so let’s get started.

Facebook Currently Breaking Down Its “Ad Policy Review Process”
We know that the system of Facebook looks at all of the ads that you submit, reviewing them before they run them. Many people have long been confused why the ads that seemingly follow the rules are most times been rejected while obvious scams ads somehow make it through.

To make increase transparency, Facebook has recently just broken down how their ad review process behaviour is and how it works, and it has been extremely enlightening.

First, they had to remind their users that it is not just about the strict advertising policies that apply to the Facebook Ads. You should also need to check to ensure that each of the ad complies with the branded content policies, the commerce policies, the event policies, and more (if it is applicable). You have got to be following all of the Facebook’s rules that is in the ad platform.

Facebook Ad policy tree

They also had to explain that, as many of our users may have taken note, that most of the ads are typically approved within 24 hours time. I have had ads approved in a very short time, as little as five minutes, as I am very sure many of our readers have, too.

When you first submitted an ad, they will need to use an automated review that uses the machine learning and the algorithms to flag any potential issues at all. The approved ad can then run, and may sometimes be subject to human review later on. If the sent ad is rejected, you can still appeal and submit it to a human review. They had to bring it users notice that if an ad is rejected, they can always edit it and then resubmit.

Facebook has also warned advertisers that in the addition to reviewing an individual ads, they will need to look well at an advertiser’s profile overall.

Have you ever made an attempt to get around the ad review process in the past time, or to find any loopholes? Are a large number of your ads being rejected, or being reported by users? Facebook may take action against those advertisers who consistently violate their policies, this actions includes suspension or even banning.


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