The Sendinblue

The Sendinblue’s usability is very intuitive and it has not missed any important features at all.

There are three methods for you to add contacts: the copy-pasting, the import email contacts from a file, and the adding contacts individually. All of these methods are quite intuitive to use. However, during this process, the Sendinblue’s data mapping function will ask you to match the extra information to an email address, which can be optional but is not stated clearly during the process.

The Sendinblue’s email design tool is the place where they shine the most. You start first by creating a campaign and then insert some basic information. The layout of the editor is the compact and it does not utilize many popup windows to give an obstruction to the view. You have just three options for creating your email: the drag & drop, the “Rich Text Editor”, and the custom HTML code. All of these options are pretty smooth and user-friendly. You can also possibly preview your created email with the desktop, the tablet, and the mobile views.

Sendinblue email editor

Before you can start sending your email to your contacts, you need to go through a summary page that showcases the setup, the design, and the contact information. This is a very great feature to double-check if everything is actually correct before you finally hit that Send button.


Mobile Editor

Sendinblue does not have a standalone mobile application. However, the editor that they have is fully functional in the mobile browser.

The Sendinblue’s email marketing tools are simply packing modern features. These features they have enables you to take an advantage of all the latest trends that is in the world email marketing. Although some of the more advanced features are just locked behind the higher-tier plans, the free plan’s base features that offers enough to get started with your email campaigns.

The main features that we will be emphasizing more are an unlimited number of contacts and details, the intuitive drag & drop based design tool, the email personalization, the mobile-friendliness, the customer segmentation options, and the custom email automation rules. You also are assured of getting a fully-functional CRM for building sales funnels, a live chat plugin, and an access to modify Facebook ads directly in the Sendinblue’s campaign management tool.

The Sendinblue’s customer support is also accessible over the email just by default. You can also be able to reach them through phone and through live chat, but only starting from the Premium plan. They do have an extensive knowledge base with all the useful articles that you can browse for information.


Pricing & Plans

The Sendinblue officially offers four different plans: the Free, the Lite, the Premium, and the Enterprise. However, there is another plan named Lite+, which adds some usability for an additional monthly fee. Together with the free plan, all the plans have the necessary functionality to design and to start an email campaign.


Sendinblue email marketing plans

Apart from the free plan, Sendinblue’s cheapest plan starts at the rate of $25/month with 10,000 emails ($0.0025/email).

Sendinblue offers both the free and the paid plans.

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