Email Verification Tools You Can Rely On

Do you require email verification tools to clear your email list fast? Here is a selection of decent email verification programs to help you out.

  • Hunter
  • Email Checker
  • Clearout
  • NeverBounce

1. Hunter

Hunter is an email outreach tool that comes with an email verifier designed to sanitize your email list. This enhances your deliverability rate for outreach campaigns.

Its major function allows you to find email addresses for business leads based on domain searches as well as first/last name and email address searches. The email verification tool detects invalid emails, transitory emails, blacklisted emails and emails with hard bounces.

What email verification features does Hunter offer?

  • Bulk email list verification – Upload your whole list for verification.
  • API verifications – Use Hunter’s API to integrate it with the technologies you use to collect emails.
  • Single email verification – Use the tool on Hunter’s Email Verifier page for single email verifications.

2. Email Checker

Email Checker is another popular email verification tool. The service’s clients include Seagate, Box and EE. They’ve handled over 19 billion emails to date and have averted over 1.3 billion bounces.

The tool’s verification process removes email addresses with invalid domains and grammatical issues. Temporary emails are removed as well, and errors and typos are fixed.

An example would be correcting “” to “”. Its catch-all verification feature also finds emails with severe bounce rates and removes them from your list.

What can Email Checker do for your list?

  • Bulk email list verification – Upload your whole list, then wait for the tool to assess it. You can download all emails, OKed emails, bad emails, unknown emails and catch-all emails.
  • Automated list API – Integrate your app with Email Checker’s List API to feed lists to the tool and download clean lists everyday via an automated procedure. This feature is aimed for businesses who receive several new subscribers or customers on a daily basis.
  • Real-time verification API – Integrate Email Checker’s verification API with your site’s forms to reject malicious or invalid emails in real time.
  • Ecommerce integration – The aforementioned real-time verification API works with ecommerce applications as well to prevent customers from entering incorrect email addresses at checkout.

3. Clearout

Clearout detects malicious emails in different methods. It removes duplicate emails, the dots from emails, temporary emails and sub accounts. It also discovers and removes spam traps, emails with hard bounces and emails from blacklisted domains.

What does Clearout have to offer?

  • Bulk email list verifications – Upload lists of up to 1 million emails at a time for bulk verifications.
  • Lead finder – Clearout pinpoints crucial bits of data from your subscribers’ email addresses well enough to produce a distinct list of potential B2B prospects for outreach methods.
  • REST API – Clearout employs the REST API as a method to allow developers to add its own API to forms for real-time verifications.
  • Instant email verifications – These work similarly to single email verifications in that they allow you to validate a small number of emails rapidly.
  • Integrations – Clearout integrates with a small handful of email marketing services. Fortunately, its interface with Zapier can help fill in the gaps. Plus, you may simply export a copy of your list and upload it.

4. NeverBounce

NeverBounce debuted in 2014, and it presently has over 100,000 clients. Its clientele includes a few famous names, such as Uber, Dell, Girl Scouts, QuickenLoans and Harvard Medical School.

NeverBounce principally offers bulk email list and single email verifications. It does this by validating mail servers and deleting duplicate emails and syntax mistakes. It even checks if domains are live and whether or not particular emails have been blocked.

What features does NeverBounce offer?

  • Bulk email list verification – Upload your whole list, wait for the tool to assess it, then download a clean list with a 99.9 percent deliverability rate.
  • Developer friendly – API wrappers are available for easy integration with the tools you use.
  • Instant bounce analysis – All accounts come with this function free of charge. It helps you to rapidly examine if your list needs to be cleansed before you send mass broadcast emails.
  • Email verification – Verify millions of emails from a variety of various sources, including contact and lead forms, registration forms, CRMs, and more. You can verify up to 1,000 emails for free every month.
  • Integrations – Integrates with common email marketing platforms and support desk software. Zapier is also an option if you need to construct your own integrations. Guides on integrations are accessible in NeverBounce’s help documentation. All accounts come with 1,000 free API verifications every month as well.

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