Beginners Guide Email Marketing Strategies

The cutthroat email inbox of your average consumer roils with the marketing messages. Some contain the competitive subject lines, whereas some others are more attention-seeking emails. Hundreds of different companies send hundreds of emails each and every day.


The Simple, powerful, and smart automation flows.
Think of the marketing automation as your silent salesforce. It will help you to identify your best prospects and to close more sales, by engaging the shoppers just at the right moments.


Hence, your chance to be seen in different hundreds of emails still remains thin. But it is very possible for you to change the game by adopting a new and an effective email marketing strategy. It does not only needs to be opened but also it needs readers to act on it.

Here are some effective email marketing strategies that will be of help to you and you can gain more traction.

Personalize Your Email

You need to step out of the “Dear Henry” game. Because it is no longer building a connection with the reader.

A significant part of the email marketing is now building a relationship. Do your readers trust you? Do they even know who you are? When an email drops the gun by just imposing familiarity soon, the personalization becomes kind-of skeevy. You will earn familiarity in the actual life, and the same is the case with the emails.

Remember, all sorts of personalization available are not off-limits. The correct form of personalization can pay off big time. For example, if you are sending an email, it acknowledges the reader’s individuality, such as the demographic or the purchase history.

The lesson here is for you to make use of personalization as a strategy but using it in a meaningful way. It takes little relationship and knowledge for you to put someone’s name when you greet. However, be very careful while you are sending your personalized emails specific to the reader’s history and their needs.


Consider Short And Long Subject Lines

When it comes to the aspect of making the ideal subject line, there is only one area for you to avoid. Unfortunately, that is just the 60-70 character subject line. Marketers call it the “dead zone.” When your subject line is 60-70 characters, the open rate or the clickthroughs doesn’t increase.

Consequently, subject lines that are containing 70 characters or more than that are beneficial because they are engaging to the readers and clickthrough the content. Whereas the subject lines containing 49 characters or less than that have more open rate.

So the question here is: Are you looking for the boost clicks or boost opens? Make long subject lines for the clickthroughs and make shorter ones for the opens.

Either way, a good email strategy is simply to push out more words or just to decrease some to avoid the dead zone.

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