4 Ways on How To Get More Responses To Your Email Marketing


According to The Industry of Email Marketing Census 2018 by The Econsultancy and The Adestra, It was recorded that 74% of client side marketers have rated email as an effective marketing channel based on the ROI. This is one of the best ways to help you reach out to your prospects and to also generate more conversions.

To make good use of email marketing to its full potential, here are 4 effective tips of how you can get more responses from your target audience and to also entice them to take action.


1. Making it Easy for Subscribers to Reach You

Many times, you see emails sent from a “no-reply” address that does not give subscribers the room to respond. This means that you are missing out on your readers valuable feedback. Instead, you should send your emails from an address that can accept replies. It does not have to be yours all you need is to consider setting up a shared inbox for an address like this “[email protected]” or “[email protected].”

Try and encourage your subscribers to get in touch with you, or requesting a reply through the email. However, you should make sure that someone is available to promptly answer your emails before you implement this.

In all of the emails you send, don’t fail to include the name of your company along side with the physical address, your phone number, the company website, and the links to your profiles of your social media in the footer.


2. Work on Your Subject Lines

Your subject line is very important, it is like the trailer of a movie. It influences the first impression strongly that your subscriber will have of your sent email. Obviously, you don’t get another opportunity at this.

The more interesting your subject line is, the more likely a recipient will open your email when they see it. Make use of a personalized and a compelling subject line that would be tempting to your readers so they’ll want to find out more.

Let your subject lines be short, it works best helping you to achieve a better open rates. You could even try making use of captivating emojis to grab your subscriber’s attention. Test your subject lines to discover which will pull a better conversion rate and which sells more.


3. Have a Crisp & an Engaging Email Copy

Personalization is a very integral part of an effective email marketing. It is advise able that you incorporate the principles of personalization when you are drafting relevant, tailor made emails that matches your buyer’s personal and each stage of your buyer’s journey.

For example, if any subscriber has just signed up, it would not make any sense at all to send them your pricing structure right away. Instead of that, you can just send them a welcome email accompanied with a content resource that will address their probable challenges and pain points and a means that you can help resolve their difficulties with your product or your service.

Note: You should avoid technical jargon as much as possible. Rather than trying to describe the features of your product, talk more about the benefits of it. Try to get close to your recipient by building personal rapport and by appealing to the reader’s emotions.


4. Do Not Use Too Much Special Formatting

Formatting has a remarkable effect on a reader psychologically. Use numbered lists or bullet points to organize your content and make your content more readable. Another thing is to refrain from using different fonts and colors instead, you should stick to one or two font and color. Only make use of italic, bold, or underline to make emphasizes on important words in the copy. Simplicity makes your brand look professional more, and it is very easier to read.

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