6 Secrets on How To Crush It With Email Marketing

A smart business owner will always incorporate the email marketing into his strategy, since it is the easiest and the most effective way of getting messages across online. It might seem like it is outdated, but if properly handled email marketing can be a very incredibly effective tool in keeping and attracting your customers.

On the contrary to popular belief, email marketing is now much more relevant than it has ever been before. Checking an average scale, people today check their email inbox messages about 75 times in a single day. This means that email is still a good form of efficient marketing for ecommerce, and it should not be ignore by businesses.


1. Build a Powerful Message Preview

For security reasons, so many people do not open up their email immediately they receive it, especially when the mail they receive is from an unknown source. Instead, they’ll use the preview pane of their email provider and check what the email is all about.

This should be taken into consideration so that the most relevant information should be included in that excerpt that will be visible in the preview pane. You can try out different email providers and then know your limits, in order to select the best phrases or your email your eyes catches, even if it will not be opened.

Make use of flattery, but you have to do it right. Don’t bait & switch. For instance, if you are using a subject line such as “Your amazing photos”, don’t try to sell your services at that moment, until a visitor has opened the email. Flattery really works wonders when you are trying to recruit people for all the right reasons.


2. Make Use of Colors That Compliment Your Style

At times it might be tempting to use some of the craziest colors when you are launching a new line or when you are sending a very important, exciting announcement, don’t forget this one thing, that your brand must have a unitary look and your goal also should be to make your customer remember you as a consistent and a strong concept. You should learn more about the psychology of colors in marketing. It is no secret anymore that color has a different effect on the way we feel, and marketers have been using the color tool when it comes to crafting campaigns for ages.

In our today’s digital world, color still really matters. You will want give your audience something to entice and convince them to open and read your emails. But it will be hard to achieve if you use sparkly colors, bold text and huge font everywhere.

There are some colors you have to stay away from, e.g bright yellow and go with hues that are warm and that are appealing to the eye, the navy blue, orange, black warm red, black, etc. Try your best to integrate the layout of your email and the designs into your overall esthetics, select colors that will give complement to your logo and very importantly stick to a certain font and style, because when you are building a recognizable brand, it is million times better than sending flashy messages that will not later be connected to you.


3. Keeping Image Sizes Low

If you want to put the best high resolution pictures in your email, you should have a re-think about all the many ways it can go wrong cos of the screen resolution or the browser settings of the recipient.

Just keep it simple and hard to mess up and you should upload your image sizes up to 72 dpi. It will still look good and it will not get blocked by the email provider settings for images being too large.

Furthermore, there’s a need to keep in mind that in today’s world most people use their smart phones or tablets to open their emails.

4. Don’t Get Too Adventurous With Fonts

Yes, there are certain brand image that you’ve got and it’s really important for you to show your text in the gothic font, let’s say. But note that this might turn into a disaster, as many of the recipients might not have non-standard fonts being installed on their computer and browsers can sometimes behave weirdly with them, so you have to stick to the conventional fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel, Calibri or the Georgia for your text. If you still want to go with something fancy, you can display it as an image instead.


Keep It Short and Simple“. Your email must have content that should get the message across and be remembered, so you need to keep the phrases short and relevant, make use of simple words that people can easily visualize and do not overwhelm the reader. The world we live in is full of advanced technology. But also it’s a digital environments that is packed with pitches, ads and interruptions everywhere you look.

At times you might think what you want to offer is very unique, but if that thing doesn’t entice your audience, it is as good as nothing cos it doesn’t really matter.

An important lesson is to keep in mind where you are, and make good use of matters to make direct mail marketing become appealing to your customers. The privilege of getting into a customer’s private inbox is more like getting an invitation to the customer’s home for supper. If they ask you to take off your shoes, then you have to comply. That’s just the rule of their house. Same principle applies in direct mail marketing.

You have to behave yourself properly and don’t make them feel like you’re violating their rules (privacy). Remember that it is their house and you’re only a “guest”.



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