The whole of Mailchimp usability feels very smooth and natural. It is also a great fit for those beginners as you will get guidance throughout the process. A major perk is the built-in image editor that gives an addition of so much to the overall experience.

After you have finished your account set up, the Mailchimp’s dashboard will prompt you to import your email contacts either from a file or by simply copy-pasting it. You can then organize your contacts’ statuses, your add tags, your insert additional information, and then review the outcome. When there is a need for you to add or remove information or contacts, you can just easily do that from the Audience Dashboard.

Before you can start to build your email, you will need to set up a campaign. Again, the entire process is so very smooth and you’ll be guided all the way.

You can build your email in just a plain text, the custom HTML code, or you can just choose a template or pre-built layouts. The latter opens you up the Mailchimp’s drag and drop design tool. The structure is quite solid; however, we found out that for you accessing a block’s additional options covers the entire toolbar, which can be a bit annoying. One of the best features of the Mailchimp’s email builder is the integrated image editor. You can for sure build your full email without you ever leaving the site.

During the email building phase, you are allowed to always preview the message in desktop, in mobile, or your inbox view. However, the some others did not seem to work for us when we reviewed this tool.


Mailchimp email editor

Once you are done, you will be directed to the summary page to double-check everything, and then you can just send your campaign out. Since you have already created an email list and the added details of your campaign, there are no extra steps again for you at this point.


Mobile Editor

The Mailchimp has a dedicated mobile application. You can possibly access the performance data, the add email contacts, and the create landing pages and emails. The mobile email editor itself is fully functional and it looks really great. We especially like the fact that the main screen is focused on the email itself and is not cluttered with editing options.



The Mailchimp has all the modern features that you feel are necessary for running a successful email campaign.

The main features of the Mailchimp’s email marketing tools are the drag and drop design tools, the customer segmentation options, the dynamic content, the email automation, the sign-up forms, and about 200+ integrations with social media and other applications.

The Mailchimp has a 24/7 email and live chat support available with the paid plans, and you will get an additional phone support with the highest-tier plan. However, when you are signing up with either the free plan or any of the paid plans, you get a 30-days email support perk. They also have a substantial knowledge base with the useful articles and guides.


Pricing & Plans

The Mailchimp’s pricing is mainly based on the number of contacts that you are planning to have. Apart from the monthly subscription plans, the Mailchimp also offer a flexible payment option called the “Pay As You Go”. This plan is prepared to give you the Essential plan’s features, but you only pre-pay for Mailchimp Credits, which you can then make use of to send your messages.


MailChimp pricing plans

The cheapest paid plan begins at the rate of $9.99/month with 500 contacts ($0.01998/contact)

The Mailchimp does not offer a free trial for any of their paid plans. There isn’t any money-back guarantee also.


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