The ConvertKit’s user experience is very simplistic, maybe even too bare-bones. You might miss out on some of those modern features like a drag and drop editor tool or even a more comprehensive selection of of templates, but you can assurely get the job done fast.

You can start building your email list in three ways: you can add individual contacts, you can upload emails in bulk from a CSV file, or you can import your email contacts from another service. Even though there is not an option for you to copy-paste your data, you can easily create a CSV file so that you bypass this inconvenience. The ConvertKit only gives supports to one list of contacts, and you can organize them by using the tags.

Building your email is the place where things get a bit clunky. The ConvertKit does not have a modern drag and drop builder you that you can use, and the only options for you are plain text and custom HTML code. There is also a confusing process if you are selecting a template, and there are only three options available. However, we like that the plain text editor is so robust and not cluttered with the endless possibilities that can confuse the beginners. You can still access several of the editing options by highlighting a line of text.


ConvertKit email editor

The next step will take you to the preview area, where you can view the full message and then you double-check if it is ready to go. You will then see the option to send the email immediately or to schedule it to a later date.


Mobile Editor

The ConvertKit does not have a dedicated mobile application. However, their email editor and their dashboard are pretty easy to access from your preferred mobile browser with full functionality.



The ConvertKit’s feature list is quite a typical one for a modern email marketing service. They greatly emphasize on the support of your growth and even have a cleverly crafted course for building and for launching your email marketing campaigns.

ConvertKit allows you to send out an unlimited number of emails to your contacts. The other main features are the email automation options, the personalized content, the sign-up form builder, the tag-based customer segmentation, and the 70+ integrations with various 3rd party applications.

Their customer support is always available over live chat but during business hours. However, you can still create an email ticket to help contact support outside of this time. You will get the upgraded support features with the paid plans, namely the Premium and the Priority support. The ConvertKit also has a wide array of very useful marketing articles and also a knowledge base that you can make use of for further information about the service or the email marketing in general.


Pricing & Plans

The ConvertKit offers both the free and the paid plans. The paid plans are the subscriber-based, and they provide you also with a free migration option if need be for you to move your data from another email marketing service.


ConvertKit pricing plans

The cheapest paid plan starts from the range of $25/month (annual payment) with 1,000 contacts ($0.025/contact).

The ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial for their paid plans up to 35,000 contacts. If you have more than that, then you are qualified for a personalized demo from the company.


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