Habits of Top Performing Email Marketers

Habits of Top Performing Email Marketers


Here are 5 habits of successful email marketers that keep their campaigns alive, fresh, healthy, and thriving.

1. They personalize (always)
Email is not a flyer that is pasted to a telephone poll, or an infomercial that you immediately want to mute. It is a personal channel that is permission-based, and as such, you should treat it with the respect it deserves.

Give respect to your subscribers and their inboxes by sending them relevant, personalized and ultra-targeted emails. You may ask how ask? You can start by segmenting your list with things like customer behavior, demographics, and you can take advantage of powerful tools like the dynamic content. The point is to be sure always that your emails are speaking to each subscriber’s interest and needs.

2. They test
Surprisingly the secret to email success isn’t luck – it’s simply testing. By you simply testing different elements of your campaigns, you can learn about your audience and you can optimize your strategy every time you send. These are few things to start with:

Your subject lines. The Split testing of your subject lines is easy, and it’s a surefire way to get the highest open rates possible.

Your send times. One of the best ways that helps you to figure out the ideal time to reach your audience is for you to test different options – For instance Tuesday afternoon might be great for a B2B brand, while Sunday night might be a better option in performance for a retailer.

Your CTA buttons. Test your color, placement, copy, or all of the above! Optimizing your CTA will enable you to boost your click rates in no time.
Your content. You can never tell what your audience will find most valuable until you begin experimenting with different types of content, from video to blog posts.

3. They automate (when possible)
At 1st, looking at email automation may seem too good to be true. With much research carried out, experts claim that it saves you time and effort, and also it helps foster long-term engagement from your subscribers, and it boosts your open and click rates. I know you would want to see it to believe it, right?

Well, the truth of the matter is that the numbers don’t lie: Automated email messages average of 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click rates than the non-automated sends (Epsilon). And if you want to think about it, what are the attributes of a successful email? It’s personal,relevant, and timely. By firing based on the actions your subscribers take, automated emails check all three boxes – and you never even have to press the send button.

So for you to maintain your status as a highly effective email marketer, you need to be sure you automate everything you can: birthday messages, thank you emails, nurturing series, welcome series etc. Your subscribers will be happy and will love it, and you’ll reap the rewards that come with a super smart (and efficient) email strategy.

4. They monitor their results
It is noted that the most effective email marketers don’t just consistently test any different elements of their email – they will also adequately consistently monitor their results. Your subscribers are people that are real whose needs and interests can change per time, so there’s a very good chance that the kind of messages they like and respond to will also change.

That’s why it’s very important that you regularly review your email results and adjust them accordingly, because something that works today might not be so successful to continue same function tomorrow. And be very sure to keep an eye on your open and click rates and not only it, but also things like opens by clients, opens by device, and the kinds of content your subscribers will be engaging with the most.

5. They keep email design best practices in mind
Once a subscriber access or opens your email, they’ll often decide whether to keep or delete it or to keep scrolling based on the look and feel of each message that was sent. When it is been done right, visual design does not only draws in your audience, it also inspires action. Some tips to remember:

Lay it all out. Formatting and organization are very key and should not be ignored, cos it is use to creating reader-friendly emails, especially when more than a half of your readers are now opening on a mobile device.

Tell your story with images. With clear verified findings, it is noted that the human brain is conditioned to process images 60,000 times faster than words. So it’s not a surprise at all that about 65% of recipients prefer emails that contain mostly images over just copy of written words.

Play with color. 85% of people will tell you that color is the main reason they want to buy a product. Every color you see invites a different reaction from the reader, so ensure to make use of color psychology to your advantage. For example, it is said that red inspires urgency, while blue promotes trust and security.


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