How To Grow Your SEO Traffic

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We’ve encountered people who manage websites that don’t understand the basic concept of content promotion. They write and pray for traffic, but even when it arrives, it is ineffective. As a result, it’s vital to comprehend the fundamentals of this concept. Even though not everyone believes that understanding SEO is a good use of their time because the rules change frequently. A few basic tactics, on the other hand, could make your website more search engine friendly and provide you visitors you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

The SEO techniques listed below should be prioritized if you want to enhance your SEO traffic:

  • Discover Your Competitors’ Top Pages
  • Design Content Strategy
  • Authority Backlinks with Digital PR
  • Boost Organic CTR PPC Testing CTR
  • Go After Referrals
  • Link Internally
  • Optimizing for topics rather than single keywords

Discover Your Competitors’ Top Pages

The more you know about your competitors’ SEO tactics, the better.

When you analyze what works for your competitors’ websites in the SERPs, you may learn why this method works before applying it to your own.

Finding your competitors’ top-performing pages will help you understand where and how their organic traffic is generated. Analyzing your competitors’ top pages can reveal things like

  • A keyword/content void
  • A break in the chain
  • A chance to improve your content
  • Cannibalization

Design Content Strategy

When designing a content strategy, there are two key areas to consider:

  • Optimising old material
  • Content creation

While optimizing existing material is typically the best place to start (after all, it’s simpler to observe advantages from improving existing content than creating new content), most websites will eventually optimize all of their existing content.

Now you should focus on creating new content. A common SEO mistake is writing content blindly.

Authority Backlinks with Digital PR

How to get authority backlinks at scale is one of the major SEO issues.

Backlinks are still one of Google’s top-ranking indicators, and while many alternative link building approaches exist, many are difficult to scale.

Boost Organic CTR PPC Testing CTR

This is a ranking factor that you should optimize for. But let’s dig down the factors that affect your site’s CTR. Usually, they are:

  • Titling
  • Synopsis

At least you have some control over these (bearing in mind that additional ad space, image blocks, and the like can all push down organic listings and result in a lower CTR).

Go After Referrals

Rather than trying to get other sites to link back to you, produce content that begs to be linked to.

Link Internally

Internal linking structure can affect the strength of your link profile. When generating and posting material, keep an eye out for internal linking opportunities. This benefit both SEO and user experience, which is the foundation of boosting website traffic.

Optimizing for topics rather than single keywords

Google wants to rank the best result for any given search query, which is why you should consider optimizing for topics rather than single keywords.

To score highly for your main ‘money’ keywords, you need to demonstrate topical expertise, which involves understanding the concept of supporting material.


Take the time to explore for chances that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of, follow the procedures outlined above, and watch your SEO traffic grow dramatically.

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