Things to Note About Lead Magnet

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Your website is getting visitors, but they aren’t staying long. These visitors remain anonymous, untraceable. 99% of your traffic isn’t ready to buy right now, and 75% of all web visitors won’t return? Returning website users are 75% more likely to buy than new visitors. Isn’t that so?

To re-engage those visitors, you must often ask for more information. But how do you get someone’s email address? This is the first real snag in the client journey.

You need to convince your lead that you have something worthwhile to give in exchange for their contact information.

Lead magnets help here. The incentives you offer to collect data from potential leads or buyers. It’s a piece of content frequently gated by a form asking for email address, company size, etc. This can be a checklist, report, ebook, white paper, video, or something else.

How do you choose or make a lead magnet? What makes a good lead magnet?

  • Problem-solving content
  • Quick delivery
  • Digestible content
  • Display your skills
  • Evergreen content
  • One actionable step
  • Useful content
  1. Problem-solving content

For starters, your content must solve a real need, not one that your marketing staff thinks your customers might have. Find out your audience’s issues and start helping them solves them.

Ask your customers for help or watch their online conduct. Has your sales staff listened to the questions leads ask during calls? Ask your marketing team common questions. It will be easier to build fully magnetic lead magnets.

  1. Quick delivery

Also, make sure your stuff is delivered almost instantly. Make them wait. The aim is to obtain the content as soon as they hit download. The next best option is to email them right away with the lead magnet they requested, but even that can cost you some leads. Make prospects wait after they enter their info. They want the content fast. Don’t miss it.

  1. Digestible content

As tempting as it may be to utilize your latest report, case study, or ebook as a lead magnet, the best lead magnets are consumable.

Ensure your lead magnets aren’t too wordy or full of jargon. Consider moving away from the ebook/white paper format. Other easily digested content includes:

  • Infographics – visualize data and statistics.
  • VideosA wonderful lead magnet is a video. Videos are easy to digest and keep.
  • Checklists — these actionable lists show prospects you care.

Provide value to your leads as soon as they enter their email addresses.

  1. Display your skills

You already know your brand’s strengths. Create your contact accordingly. Even if a topic isn’t directly related to leads, you should be an authority on it. Otherwise, your material will be ineffective, won’t solve your leads’ concerns, and will lose the trust of potential buyers.

  1. Evergreen content

Make sure your lead magnets are evergreen. What is it? Like an evergreen tree. Weather has little effect on it, and it requires little (if any) updating to be relevant. You want to maintain your content topical but also evergreen to avoid having to create new lead magnets.

  1. One actionable step

Make sure lead magnets have one simple step. Something your leads can utilize immediately after reading it. This might be a hint, a checklist, or anything to motivate the reader. One win is all it takes to make a viewer believe they got value from your lead magnet.

  1. Useful content

Nowadays, customers want to interact with content and apply it to their life. Give them content they can interact with and use, like:

  • Trials: Free or reduced trials are the most value material. Use this for those about to buy.
  • Calculators and tools: utility is king. Give them something helpful, reusable, and shareable.
  • Quizzes and assessment — assist potential consumers learn more about themselves. This is priceless.

Lead magnets are essential for gaining new subscribers. Let us know how your email marketing, content marketing, or content syndication strategy improves your lead magnets.

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