Why isn’t your email marketing campaign working?

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Your B2B email marketing approach should not be passive. An effective email marketing can help you build relationships with your prospective prospects. Making a good email marketing campaign takes time and resources, so plan ahead. Keep reading to understand how to boost your B2B email marketing campaigns’ open and click rates.

  • Your subject lines are boring.
  • Generic primary content
  • Your CTA is weak.
  • You don’t test
  • Your emails go unanswered

Your subject lines are boring

This is the first thing a potential client sees. If it doesn’t pique their interest before they even open the email, you’ve probably lost them. When writing subject lines, keep in mind that they should be urgent to arouse interest. Keep the subject line brief and personable. Encouraging recipients to open emails can raise open rates by 10-14%.

Generic primary content

Clients detest being treated like a number. Emails that fail to connect with the reader are frequently deleted. This can be solved by segmenting your email list and sending targeted offers to each group.

You’re offering too much

To save time, including numerous offers in one email can be overwhelming for the receiver. Make it easy for them to buy your goods or service with a clear call-to-action (CTA). Try to confine your communications to one strong offer.

Your CTA is weak

You can have the best subject line, offer, and image. But if your call-to-action (CTA) isn’t clear and easy to understand (e.g., “click here”), you’ll miss the goal.

You don’t test

If your campaign isn’t performing as expected, the fault could be with the subject line, CTA, or content. To solve a problem, test it. A/B testing sends two identical email offers with only one difference. If one version performs better than another, replace it. Change the subject line, CTA, content or any other element of your campaign.

Your emails go unanswered

An email list takes time to build. With erroneous contact information, some emails will bounce back or go to recipients who cannot act on them.

Luckily, sales prospecting tools can help you create authenticated email addresses. American City Business Journals’ (ACBJ) BizLeads is one such portal. The cloud-based BizLeads platform gives you rapid access to certified direct email addresses for key decision-makers in 20 industries.

Because ACBJ powers and updates BizLeads, it has the most first-party reported data of any sales prospecting tool. BizLeads has data on over 30 million organizations and 80 million business professionals. Job title, industry, location, revenue and more are just a few of the 14+ search options available to BizLeads subscribers. With a single click, you can export segmented lists of qualified prospects for email marketing campaigns. BizLeads also employs real-time email validation to notify you when an email is modified within an organization.

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