4 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Blog Post

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the art of getting a webpage ranked highly in a search engine’s results. It’s an art because it requires an understanding of how readers search for information, which increases the likelihood of a webpage or website appearing in the top few results of a search engine. This will increase site traffic, which is the site owner’s ultimate goal.

But does a higher ranking really mean more visitors? According to studies, over 94% of Google users click on a first page result, with less than 6% going to the second page and selecting a result there. So now we need to know how to optimize SEO for a blog post.

  • SEO keyword Research
  • Keywords for Tag or Blog Title
  • Over-advertising
  • Create a Niche Blog/Post

SEO keyword Research

Search engine users type keywords into search engines to find information. So, if you use these keywords correctly in your posts, your posts will eventually climb the search engine ranking ladder. You can use Google Keyword Tool to find these keywords. Enter a keyword and this free tool will generate information like related keywords, their competitiveness, and how often these keywords were used in searches. Include low competition and high search volume keywords in your blog post.

Keywords for Tag or Blog Title

Similar to the above, there are tools to help you choose tags and blog post titles. One popular tool is Google Insights, a web-based tool that compares the popularity of your keyword to other similar keywords. The phrase “tips for blog” or “blogging tips” may be used as a title, but Google Insights will show you which is the more popular search keyword and thus the better phrase to use to increase your blog post’s SEO ranking.


Encouraging the search engine crawlers to ignore your blog because it is solely intended to make money is not a good idea. They may not include your content on their search pages if they associate it with low quality. So take it easy on the ads.

Create a Niche Blog/Post

But it’s not that simple. You can create a niche blog if you have a skill, talent, or service that few others have or can find online. Everything from parenting tips to health solutions and web hosting resources. All you need to do now is write more unique posts and search engines will quickly pick them up. Search engines adore niche and unique blog posts!

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