8 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

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When sending out important email promotions, it’s easy to overlook email marketing tools. Those who do email marketing frequently use autoresponders, which serve no purpose. In fact, every business needs email marketing tools to succeed.

It is the act of sending an expert message to potential customers to encourage the purchase of services and products.

According to statistics, more than 75% of B2C marketers and 85% of B2B marketers are already using email as a content marketing channel.

Just as important as your ISP and web hosting are your email marketing tools. To be clear, the tools you choose should not only help you build meaningful relationships with prospects, but also increase the impact of these interactions

1. HubSpot Email Marketing

The Hubspot email marketing tool is a great way to ignite your marketing funnel. This platform will help you scale and grow your business effectively. This free marketing tool also has other features that will help you improve your email marketing.

Hubspot’s CRM and marketing automation platform will give you detailed information about how your efforts are affecting your audience. You will also get a customizable landing page builder and sign up forms to collect leads. Hubspot is a good choice because it is free.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service. This platform has A/B testing, email newsletter templates, and an integrated CRM. Mailchimp is a creative assistant that resizes designs to fit your business.

If you rely solely on visuals, the platform gives you access to its content studio, where you can store graphics and images. Its behavioral tagging also allows you to target marketing campaigns. Overall, Mailchimp is the best emailing tool available for free.

3. EmailLite

MailerLite is a free email marketing tool with a simple user interface and drag and drop editor. The best part is the built-in photo editing feature that can be used to create newsletter pictures that represent your business.

A/B testing tools and advanced segmentation are also included in its free feature. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, MailerLite will help you grow and send your first email campaign in no time.

4. SendPulse

Free tools for multi-channeling are plentiful, but choosing the right one can make all the difference. SendPulse is a top-notch email marketing tool. It has options for transactional emails and SMS marketing. This platform’s unique features allow users to create marketing campaigns using responsive templates and automated emails.

This platform provides a free Web Push service, as well as free messaging on Facebook Messenger. This platform’s email marketing is sophisticated and includes a drag n drop editor.

5. Moosend

Moosend is the best email marketing tool for creating and automating campaigns. Moosend’s drag and drop email builder, with various email newsletter templates, will make you a pro even if you lack technical expertise. It will also provide you with the best segmentation and automation workflows to increase your conversions.

Improve your email list and deliver great personalized content to your fans. This email marketing platform is suitable for new businesses that want to email at least 1k subscribers per month.

6. MailJet

The best transactional email service is MailJet. APIs, advanced email marketing tools, and Webhooks are available. Although it provides a free email marketing service, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want more for your brand.

Also, MailJet’s segmentation feature and drag n drop email builder will help you create personalized email campaigns. It also allows you to upgrade multiple things at once. The free email marketing tool has no support.

7. TinyLetter

TinyLetter is a free email marketing tool that allows you to sign up with up to 5k contacts. You will also be able to create attractive forms for users to sign up for your newsletter. It has a simple email editor where you can format, add text, and send. Tiny Letter is a simple solution for those who don’t want anything heavy.

8. CleverReach

CleverReach, one of the best free email marketing tools available today, has quickly gained a large following. In addition to being a technology service provider, it is very smart. It claims to be the most popular free email tool and gets high marks for its user-friendliness.

But there is always room for improvement. With CleverReach Plugins, you can easily connect your CRM or CMS. You can also benefit from its reminder emails.

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