How to Boost Your Content Marketing with Live Events

A Facebook Live? Or a webinar? These live events can be extremely beneficial to your company. They bolster your authority as a leader in your field. You gain your audience’s trust by providing significant value.

You also create a lot of content for and from these events. This content can be used in many ways to expand your content marketing reach. Assume you host a live event on improving cash flow. Prepare an outline and a speech for the event.

Prepare a few videos or slideshows to help attendees visualize the information you’re presenting, as well as checklists, worksheets, and even downloadable reports. If you record the event, you’ll have the audio to transcribe for print.

Now you have tons of content to tweak and repurpose for other content marketing efforts. You can create social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, and even downloads for your website. It’s like a gold mine.

  • Live Event Preparation is Key
  • Promotion
  • Practice beforehand and Test Everything

Live Event Preparation is Key

The first step in planning a live event is deciding what you want to achieve. What’s your goal and objectives? Is the live event being used to convert attendees into paying customers? A natural lead into your entry-level product or service is required.

The second step is to plan an event that your audience will love. This requires a lot of research and brainstorming. What topic would attract the most prospects and lead to your goal?

If you are a coach, you may want to increase enrolment in your next coaching program. To enrol in your program, your live event must help potential clients solve a problem.


Give your live event every chance to reach potential attendees. Use all existing marketing channels to promote it. Live events often require the same amount of time and effort as a product launch.

According to Statista, “B2B marketers were asked how they drive registrations to virtual events in a May 2020 survey.” 80% of respondents said they used a website for this purpose. Then came email and social media. According to the survey, sales were the least used method of enticement.

Practice beforehand and Test Everything

Last piece of advice for live events: practice beforehand. Prepare, edit, and practice your content. Verify your links and technology. Prepare a plan for follow-up. What will your customers do after the event? How will you stay in touch and keep them active in your business community?

Things to Take Note to Prepare for Live Events

  • What type of event would best suit your audience?
  • What topics would they like to hear about and how can you best present it?
  • How will you promote the event and follow up?
  • What are some possible live event goals?

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