4 Ways AI Can Help Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will revolutionize digital marketing. According to recent Salesforce data, nearly 51% of marketers use AI to promote their brands online. For online businesses, this demonstrates the importance of AI and machine learning in digital marketing.

The future of AI in branding

When you hire an SEO agency, you expect results fast. Achieve a first-page ranking on Google and quickly ascend to the top. While it is not an easy task, AI and machine learning can help. How?

1. Creating web content

Many digital marketers now use AI to create client website content. For example, to update a few web pages quickly, AI can copy the content and make the necessary edits. Beyond creating website content, AI can make intelligent recommendations based on recent purchases. Thanks to AI, these recommendations are more accurate, increasing your chances of making a sale.

2. Adding a chatbot to your website

It’s annoying to be on hold for a long time to reach a company representative. If your customer service team does not respond quickly, your customers may consider switching brands. Then you can embed a chatbot on your website. You can feed the chatbot frequently asked questions so it can respond even if no company representative is present. Rather than making them wait on the phone, this may help answer their questions.

3. Customizing email campaigns

Even in 2021, email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing methods. Websites will often ask you to sign up for their newsletters to receive updates on new product releases and special offers. With AI in email marketing, you can personalize emails for each user. For example, new customers may receive one email, while returning customers may receive a different one.

4. Boosting social media marketing

Why do social media websites suggest similar products when you click one from your home page? It’s all thanks to artificial intelligence. AI determines a person’s desires and promotes your brand’s products on his social media feed. Digital marketers use AI and machine learning to make more accurate product recommendations that encourage users to buy.

Experts say AI has a long way to go to improve end-user digital marketing experiences. However, it will simplify the digital experience for SEO firms and help clients improve their brand’s online presence.

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