11 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Building site traffic takes time, but the rewards are worth it. Regardless of whether you choose organic or paid methods to increase website traffic, you must first understand the landscape. Knowing how to attract that lucrative traffic is only half the battle. Getting them there is a different story.

Site Traffic Boosting

Be sure to track and analyze your results before you do anything. You can’t work on increasing traffic unless you know where to start. You’ll need three things to track everything:

  • Google AdWord
  • Google Console
  • AMP Stats

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s a mobile framework. Because it’s so small, it can’t use the generic analytics integration.

After that, track your sessions and landing pages. Also know how many times people visited your site and what pages they came from. Keywords will be associated with each visit; along with how often they were displayed versus clicked through.

Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is a simple way to increase website traffic. As long as you’re guest blogging on a popular site, you should get plenty of traffic. Better? Make sure the guest blog is relevant to your industry. Convincing popular blogs and bloggers to let you guest blog on their site is difficult, but worth it when one agrees.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are a clear way to increase traffic. They work like a faucet. If you’re going to use Facebook, Google, or YouTube ads, make sure your sales funnel is tight. Otherwise, paying for traffic to your site is a waste of time and money.

Make sure your landing pages and funnels are working to convert traffic into leads and buyers. You’re wasting your time without it.

FB Pages & Groups

Find relevant Facebook Pages and Groups and start engaging. Spam not. Promote. Not at first. Just say something! Improve. Then, and only then, point them to a relevant piece of content on your site to add to the conversation. When done correctly, you can quickly convert prospects into customers.


Medium is another widely accessible authority site. Post content to help promote your business and ultimately your website. Add value. Create tutorials, walkthroughs, and other long-form content to help your audience.

Articles on LinkedIn

Many people frequently use LinkedIn to raise awareness for a cause. LinkedIn has huge reach and is an authority site. With the right audience, that article can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Use long-form content that is both keyword specific and relevant to your target audience.


Email marketing is still one of the best methods for both making money online and driving traffic to your website. Or, you can run solo ads through solo ad providers or email list brokers to build your own email list. Just Google the topic + “email list broker”.

Advertising on YouTube

YouTube is a potent tool. We know it. But how many people are brave enough to create YouTube videos? Few. But, given YouTube’s global reach and second place ranking behind Google in global search, more people should use it. Find ways to make valuable instructional videos. Repeat often.

 Hold webinars

Webinars can help you not only drive relevant traffic to your site but also make money fast. No matter what you sell, using the perfect webinar formula can literally make you millions.


Perry Belcher, co-founder of Digital Marketer and Native Commerce, coined the term Tripwire. It’s a low-cost front-end offer, usually $7-$37. They can be as low as $1. So what? They help people enter your world and climb your value ladder. You can use them to introduce people to your business and sell them more easily than a higher ticket offer.

Free-plus-shipping deals

Free-plus-shipper offers drive traffic to any website or offer. They help you find buyers and carry the power of free. Undoubtedly, free is a powerful motivator. Books work well in this medium, as proven by world-class marketers like Russell Brunson and Dean Graziosi. The same goes for other physical items.

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