Managing Your Database For Tracking Your Sales Funnel Using Email Marketing

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We have access to leads as they enter our sales funnel as email marketers. They enable us to nurture leads and manage the flow of information across the sales funnel. Understanding the logic and reasons behind the purchase choice is critical. You’ve completed your due diligence for more in-depth email marketing campaigns. You must concentrate on your company’s time, money, and resources. The most crucial component, though, is your “database” and how you may expand it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Identify the Source
  • Track Influence
  • Register Closed Deals
  • Treat Customers Fairly
  • Use Video Explainers
  1. Identify the Source

Establishing the original-source field is the first step in calculating your ROI. Every contact in your email marketing database should have this field set. Paid ads, social media, online events, search engines, and other activities promoted outside of your website could all be considered original sources. The goal is to figure out where and how you received this contact’s information as soon as possible.

  1. Track Influence

You may now assign point values to each digital interactions after classifying your connections as “marketing sourced” or “sales sourced.” You’ll be able to keep a better eye on your conversion data this way. You have a terrific platform to manage such complicated data with Email Marketing Automation, and this will have a huge impact on your sales decision.

  1. Register Closed Deals

You can do this through the use of CRM system. This will be quite beneficial to your B2B marketing plan. CRM allows you to track your customers’ overall lifetime worth, and it’s critical that you do so while taking into account all of the data you’ve collected and the credit points you’ve earned for each sale.

  1. Treat Customers Fairly

It’s important to realize that not every customer is the same. They have various requirements and motives for purchasing from you. It comes with unique expectations, necessitating a unique approach. As a result, effective database administration will be required. You can locate CRM systems that will assist you in doing just that. This will help you see what works for you and what doesn’t on your route to closing the deal. Identifying where you fall short in your sales funnel will help you avoid losing customers or having a low conversion rate.

  1. Use Video Explainers

Video explainers are generally successful in connecting with B2B buyers, according to email marketers. The explainer video is a short film that tells a tale about your company and provides information to potential clients. This is a one-of-a-kind offer.


You may nurture a lead through the sales funnel to maximize your sales success by following these steps. The goal is to convert a “not now” into a sale and thereby increasing the quantity and size of your sales.

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