How To Write A Successful Renewal Email

Renewal emails are a wonderful way to keep customers engaged and emphasize your brand’s value. Renewal emails urge customers to stay with you and offer upsells and promotions. Marketers use this chance to keep customers and build long-term value.

This article will show you how to compose successful renewal emails and showcase some successful campaigns. Go!

What are renewal emails?

An automated renewal email reminds clients that their contract, membership, or subscription with your company is coming to an end. The customer must renew their membership, usually by paying. Renewal emails include a compelling call to action, payment information, contract parameters, and instructions on how to renew service.

These emails are commonly used for subscription-based services and products. For example, Netflix and Disney+ may remind you to renew your subscription monthly or annually, depending on your package. Software-as-a-service providers and membership sites also employ renewal emails.

Renewing an account doesn’t have to be a chore. Marketers can take this chance to underline product value and retain customers. How to use renewal emails in your marketing strategy is covered in the next section.

Writing effective renewal emails

A solid renewal email provides more than simply the basics. It also encourages them to stick with your brand. With customized emails, you can keep customers. Pro tip: Keep emails short because most individuals read them before determining whether or not to act. Be sure your content style guides include short, punchy copy.

Your renewal email strategy departs from typical marketing automation approaches that respond “why should you buy our product?” Instead, it should provide recipients with practical reasons to stay with you.


Using their name in the subject line and email content is a terrific approach to engage them right away. This develops a personal connection with the reader rather than an automatic email bombardment. But you can go deeper. Mailing list segmentation helps you to target clients based on their interests, activities, and demographics.

You can also incorporate unique graphics and GIFs in your renewal mailings.

It should appear to be from a certain person. The sender should be a member of your staff, not merely the brand name – “Nicholas at Writer,” not “”

See the Squarespace example above. Notice how it uses the customer’s name, invites them to contact you with any difficulties, and ends with their name.

Engaging content increases open and click-through rates, keeping you out of the spam folder. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use sales automation. In reality, it’s the reverse! With modern email marketing software, you can easily add your recipient’s name to the subject line and content.

Give the recipient an incentive to renew

A renewal reminder email isn’t enough; you need to entice clients to stay with you. Reminding customers of your company’s worth is important for customer retention. You can even thank them for renewing or upgrading their membership with an offer or discount.

This is critical when the renewal email comes after a trial period. The customer understands the value of your services but must still provide their credit card information. You’re not just keeping clients, but gaining new ones.

Membership renewal letters can also help retain clients by reminding them of the benefits of staying with you. Since this is a repeat customer, leave out the promotional language and focus on the benefits.

Let’s take a look at a wonderful example from CLEAR, “speeding past security.” This email reminds the customer why they signed up.

Keep it brief.

One perk of a renewal email is that your customers already know your product and understand the purpose of the email. For this type of communication, avoid extensive promotional text and keep it basic.

If your users have questions about your product or process, direct them to the appropriate team. In other words, filter out all fluff. A lengthy email may appear forceful to users who need a gentle reminder.

Birchbox’s subscription renewal email is brilliant. Concise content, a clear call to action, and intriguing images of upcoming products urge customers to renew their annual subscription. Using high-quality photos in your email helps to make the information more engaging. The tone is welcoming, and the CTA is clear.

The company does not overload the customer with information but rather gradually guides them. The headline is cheerful and simple, thanking the customer for their previous membership.

Write a great CTA

You made a great renewal email. The email body is not cluttered and the information is crisp. You’ve lost them if they can’t find the call to action button. In a vibrant color, with straightforward but engaging language, the CTA button will stick out. A good CTA is usually four words or less.

It should create urgency and motivate consumers to renew. “Renew immediately,” “Upgrade me,” “Act now,” and “Save today” are good CTAs.

Apple Music’s renewal email includes a straightforward CTA that emphasizes the customer’s advantage to generate a sense of urgency. Apple claims that automatic renewal saves customers time and prevents service interruptions.

Leverage urgency and FOMO

People are more likely to buy if they believe the deal will not be repeated or is a rare opportunity. Simply said, they don’t want to lose out on a limited-time offer or a bargain that has an expiration date. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a widespread occurrence among millennials, with over 69 percent reporting it.

On its renewal emails, a popular grammar checker places a conspicuous yellow upgrade button. With the powerful CTA “Claim this offer,” and the content “final days,” All of these aspects create a sense of urgency, reminding buyers that this is a rare chance to upgrade.

Create a sequence instead of a single email

Renewal emails function well as part of larger campaigns. Sending just one more email can double your results.

Three emails are usually adequate – one before the subscription expires, one after to solicit feedback and urge renewal.

Drip campaigns enable you build a fluid communication flow rather than a single jarring “renew your subscription” email. By getting comments, you may learn from past efforts and improve future ones.

Verify emails online to better target your audience. A high bounce rate can harm your sender score and send your emails to the spam folder.

Quarespace demonstrates the power of drip renewal campaigns with three emails sent at various periods. The second email says, “Need more time?” This is a terrific technique to provide consumers alternatives to fast purchases.


No need to limit renewal emails to the “renew now” button. They can also be used to remind customers of your value. Make your renewal emails personable and fun. Remember to make it brief and sweet with a compelling call to action. You can also utilize many emails in a campaign to generate a sense of urgency.

These suggestions can help you keep customers and generate long-term value for your subscribers. Come on, campaign!

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