What is Email Extractor Lite1.8?

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Lite1.8 is a powerful email extractor with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Two windows are provided, one for text input and another for user-specified output. The usefulness of this outstanding email application is that all functions are available for free. It is capable of extracting email addresses from extremely large documents, webpages, and user input. It sorts and eliminates superfluous characters from email addresses using JavaScript. Lite 1.8 is beneficial for marketers and professionals who wish to track their customers’ email correspondence.

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 is a powerful freeware email extractor capable of extracting email addresses from large documents, web pages, and user input. It checks email addresses for the @ sign and then sorts and removes extraneous characters. It is beneficial for marketers and professionals who wish to track their customers’ email correspondence. Manually Extracting emails from massive data sets can be time consuming and laborious, resulting in inefficiencies at work.

The User Interface of Lite 1.8

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 features a user interface that is both simple and interactive. All instructions are mentioned in this manner, which eliminates any possibility of ambiguity among users. There are two distinct windows: one for text input and another for displaying the desired output as specified by the user. The USE of this wonderful tool is that all of its features are completely free.

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Numerous methods for generating output in Lite1.8

\You can separate the emails fetched by this tool in many ways as:

+ Comma

+ New Line

+ Pipe

+ Colon

The user may choose any of the above methods for email separation. Another feature integrated into this tool is the ability to sort emails alphabetically and convert them to lower case if they are not already. Additionally, the tool includes a counter box that displays the number of emails extracted from the text entered in the input window. Additionally, the ability to group emails is part. The user can specify the number of groups to which you can add extracted emails. Grouping emails will result in a new paragraph being created; this is enabled by the HTML and JavaScript technology used to develop this software.

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