6 Companies Demonstrate How Email Marketing Should Be Done

Approximately 49 percent of marketers believe that email is directly related to the success of their company activities, according to a Salesforce survey. The Direct Marketing Association also stated that when it comes to email marketing for businesses in the United States, there is a 4,300 percent return on investment.

There are numerous reasons why email marketing may be a successful channel for organizations, aside from the fact that it is cost-effective. Email marketing campaigns that are well-crafted are personal, action-oriented, and measurable. Inspired to create amazing email marketing campaigns by these companies that know how to get the job done? Look no further.

Its effectiveness can be attributed to the fact that it is brief and direct.

Be Ingenious and Relatable When Using PayPal

PayPal’s email is smart and personable, and it succeeds in capturing the attention of their target audience in an effective manner. It should come as no surprise that people prefer to read material that they believe is relevant and related to their life.

As a marketer, you should seek out various scenarios that are related to your services and your target market and exploit them to your advantage. In this case, the topic addressed was the issue of splitting costs among friends, which was previously a source of contention. By demonstrating PayPal’s answer to a common problem, the company demonstrates to its customers that it understands how its products are being used, which is something that most businesses can benefit from.

Subject lines and preview text for BuzzFeed emails are short and to the point

Of course, BuzzFeed is well-known for posting items that are quite popular and have catchy headlines. Many of their posts have gone on to become some of the most sought-after pieces of content on the internet. Was it ever brought to your attention that this company also has fantastic email marketing efforts?

BuzzFeed has fun with the phrases that go along with the substance of their email. Clearly visible in the photograph, the strong title works extremely well with the preview text. This is a very persuasive method that works extremely well for piqueing the interest of readers. It’s straightforward, amusing, and entertaining. Take a suggestion from BuzzFeed and start writing email subject lines in the same way you would write an article title; your open rates will almost certainly increase as a result.

Litmus Email – Experiment with Moving Images Litmus Email

The use of animation can be a powerful tool for encouraging your readers to engage with your message. When it comes to putting animation into their emails, Litmus is doing an excellent job.

In this ad, they’ve employed a swiping motion animation to demonstrate the functionality of their email service. That is all there is to it. The movement draws the reader’s attention and helps him or her have a better comprehension of the content and how the audience can benefit from the product being promoted.

Kate Spade – Getting Your Feedback Is Important

This specific email from Kate Spade is a surefire hit, since it serves to be mutually advantageous for both the company and the people that received it. The information gathered from customers may be used to improve planning and strategy, while the 25 percent discount is a present that everyone can take advantage of.

Inquire about your consumers’ experiences and gain insight into their perceptions of your products and services. Every customer’s feedback is critical in determining the direction of a brand and in fueling business success. It enables you to establish a foundation of customer loyalty inside your marketplace. In addition, customers will feel valued if they can see that your company recognizes the significance of their opinions.

Cook Smarts – Make a Valuable Contribution

If you want to develop messages that engage your audience, you must look at things from their point of view and provide something of value to them.

Cook Smarts accomplished this in a really creative manner. A daily meal plan was created for its subscribers to help them avoid the stress that comes with thinking out what to cook for themselves each day. Because the content matches their product and encourages consumers to explore what they have to offer, it has been a huge success for the company.

Boden – The Sensation of Imminence

The elements of this email push readers to open it and find out what’s in store for them in the future. The phrase “last chance” conveys a clear sense of urgency, which is further heightened by informing the reader that they were on the verge of missing out on something great. Their call-to-action, which instructs customers to “Quick-Clean Up,” also provides the sense that the deal is particularly good, with substantial savings available.

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