Six Popular Email Providers That Are BETTER Than Gmail and Yahoo Mail

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Many marketing strategies through adverts have been helpful most especially softwares which could be both effective online or offline by prominent Email providers, interestingly many of such providers help to access customers without “Spams”. Spamming is inevitable in scenes whereby the customers feel threatened by illegal access or frequent advert, which many perceive as “intrusion”. Hence service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and so on, over the years have solved this problems without bridging laws that protects internet users and many more, most especially the “CAN-SPAM” (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) Act. Newer and better versions of Email service providers (ESPs) other than Yahoo or Gmails have sprang forth and have better advantages, as some of such ESPs can analyze and group customers into various needed targeted populations.

Below, we would consider Six Popular Email Providers That Are BETTER Than Gmail and Yahoo Mail. ESPs such as;

  • Microsoft Outlook App
  • Zoho Mail
  • iclouds
  • AOL Mail
  1. Microsoft Outlook App

  • This ESP is built-in directly with the “Windows 10 operating system”.
  •  This App also works directly with the Outlook Office 365 app.
  •  It can be used with web client or desktop client, as about 16 percent of all email sent is opened on one of the two apps.
  1.  GMX MAIL

One of Germany’s largest internet service providers that came to limelight since 1997.

  • Its provides about 1 Gigabyte extra storage space for users.
  • It also provides approximately about 50MB attachment limit, and support for both IMAP and POP.
  • Most thrilling is that it offers well above 60GB of email storage, which is of course needed never to run out of space again.
  1. Zoho Mail

  • Zoho Mail (which also one of the fastest growing ESP that gained relevance around October, 2008) allows you set up email at your domain “for free”, it also provides multi-level folders, conversation views, drag-and-drop inbox organizing, and good filters.
  • This ESP is tightly integrated with “Zoho Docs”—performing functions as Microsoft Office that lets you create, edit, and collaborate on text, spreadsheet documents, etc.
  1. iclouds

  • iCloud itself is a holistic cloud service. It substitutes other Apple services such as “Find My iPhone”, “Photo Stream”, “Keychain”, or “iCloud Drive”.
  • All iCloud users get 5GB of storage for free. In addition to documents, photos, and or any emails you receive doesn’t take this freespace.
  1. AOL Mail

  • It enables you to rebrand or group email lists you have just received.
  • AOL Mail helps its users to arrange emails as wished.
  • It has a customized panel to improve best work performance

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