Identifying Your Target Audience and Getting Them to Opt Into Your Email List


Once you have gotten the tools that you want to select, you will to need to focus now on building your email subscriber list.

The first step for you to build your email list is to start identify your target audience.

As a refresher: Know that your target audience is the ideal customer you want to attract to your product or service through the marketing efforts you offer.

How can you find your target audience?

First, just ponder on the answers to the following questions:

1. Who are our current best customers?
2. What qualities do they have in common?
3. What problem are they experiencing that has our customers search for a solution, like our product or service?
4. Why did they purchase our product or service?
5. What did we provide for our customers that our competition didn’t?
6. Is your email marketing strategy focused on your target audience?

Using those answers, and then format your target audience statement with the following template:

1. {Insert your company} creates content that will attract {insert target audience} so they can {insert desired outcome} better.

2. Record your target audience demographics and statement in your template.


Creating Tactics to Get Your Audience to Opt Into Your Email List

Now that you are aware of who your target audience is, you can now start to brainstorm the tactics that will attract them and convince them to sign up and join your email list.

Here we have just listed some few ideas for you to get started with.

1. Give Them Something Valuable in Return
2. One amongst the most common ways to get your audience to join your email subscriber list is for you to gate content upgrades behind an opt-in form.

What is valuable to your customers?

This question is very vital for progress. The answer to this is a downloadable template or an ebook that shows them how to solve a problem or answer a question they might be having.

If you gate something that does not provide value, you might end up losing that your subscriber.

Example of an opt-in form.

Go For the Direct Ask
Another way for you to gain your subscribers is for you to go for the direct ask. Explain to them and make them see reasons why they should opt into your email list and also entice them with personalized information, like the pop-up from Fargo 3D Printing.

Gathering information like this will also be helpful to you segmenting your list.

Second example of an opt-in form

Here is another pop-up example from the Nanit, encouraging the visitors to sign up for their newsletter. The company will asks for the ages of the visitor’s children, which would indicate that the company does some segmenting based on the developmental stages of the child’s age.


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