Snapchat Marketing Tips To Reach New Audiences in 2021

Snapchat has more than 530 million active users and is a fun marketing tool that should be included in your strategy. To improve ROI, you need to use Snapchat properly to reach new customers and target audiences.

Some helpful Snapchat Marketing Tips To Reach New Audiences:

Find Content Creators

Find content creators who can help promote your brand. Many vloggers, celebrities, and actors use Snapchat to share their daily lives with others via videos, photos, and stories.

If your brand is relevant to pop culture, find relevant Snapchat accounts and ask them to do a snap for your brand.

Make Your Users Find You

Add the Snapchat geo-filter to every event you host on the app. Taking this simple step now will help your brand and target audience connect in person later.

During high traffic events or campaigns, always use a location-based filter on top of the snap for more impressions. Also, use the same username as your brand domain.

Offer Sneak Peeks into Your World

Snap is all about sharing meaningful moments with a caring audience. Your fans want behind-the-scenes access, backstage tours, and more. Consider what content you can provide to give your users a ‘behind the green curtain’ look.

Try Out Different Engagement Formats

From snaps to videos to carousels and geofilters, Snapchat allows users to express themselves visually. If you’re not sure how to tell your brand’s story in these different formats, experiment and see what works best.

Unique Snapchat Content

If your audience can find it elsewhere online (blogs, Facebook, Instagram), don’t share it on Snapchat. It’s vital to keep creating something unique.

Instead, use the app to share things you couldn’t share elsewhere, like behind-the-scenes videos from your team or photos from an industry event. This personalizes your content and encourages your audience to follow you on Snapchat rather than other social media sites.

Start a Conversation by Questioning

Ask questions that encourage followers to respond with a snap or video. They could play “Would you rather…” games using the platform’s multiple-choice options and snapping back and forth within the story.

This is a new marketing strategy that many consumer brands are using to increase ROI and customer acquisition.

Gain Social Media Followers by Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the latest updates. Events on Snapchat allow users to broadcast themselves in real-time via photos and videos for up to 24 hours.

This could help you connect with your audience who wants to know more about the events and campaigns you attend.

Get Close with Snapchat Spectacles

There’s no need to spend a fortune on Snapchat Spectacles to improve your digital marketing strategy. Still, the new technology may be worth investing in just to bring back immediacy, literally and figuratively.

Create a buzz with Snapchat contests

Organize frequent contests where followers can win free products or gift cards from your company.

Post the latest contest results on your Story or in a video, and reply to any messages left for you.

Write Reviews-Inspired Stories

Whenever you receive positive feedback from customers, use Snapchat to encourage them to share it with their friends on social media.

It’s also worth writing a story that encourages people to review their service, since happy customers are 10x more likely to do so.

Embed a Snapcode on Your Website Banners

Everyone knows how to use their phone to scan a code, even if they have never used Snapchat. If you have a custom-branded Snapchat filter or sticker, as shown in the image above, website visitors should have no problem accessing your Snapcode and going directly to your profile.

Organize and maintain your content

Snapchat is all about the experience. Consistent themes and designs build trust with users, while varied content keeps them engaged. Enhance the app’s functionality by adding calls-to-action and links to other pages.

Be Specific About Your Target Market

To improve results, use filters based on the target audience’s age, gender, or location. Geo-filters add more depth and meaning to photos than text ever could, making it easy to discover new business strategies.

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