How to Effectively Use Data to Increase Sales

Data is an essential component of successful sales teams’ strategies. This data helps salespeople understand what works in sales and how to better target prospects. A data-driven sales approach can help your team achieve their goals for prospecting, nurturing, and closing.

Having data isn’t enough to increase sales. You must also know how to analyze it. Modern sales teams use data from their CRM, website, apps, social media, email marketing database, and call logs to power campaigns. They could use website visitor intelligence data to find out who is visiting their site and who they work for.

There are more ways for sales teams to use data to maximize their efforts. Here are some of the best ones.

3 Data-driven Sales Growth Strategies

  • Gathering of data with the use of sales intelligence tools reducing prospecting time
  • Use data science to increase sales success
  • Data can help you build domain expertise
  1. Gathering of data with the use of sales intelligence tools reducing prospecting time

Top sales leads come from LinkedIn. So, for example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid tool that helps you reach people outside your network and suggests relevant leads. LinkedIn InMail is another sales tool that improves response rates.

You can use free tools like RevDriver to make LinkedIn prospecting more efficient. The free Chrome extension lets you access 95% accurate B2B contact and company data of prospects even if they aren’t connected. It can also collect data from prospects’ social profiles and company websites. No more waiting for a connection request. You can email them directly.

  1. Use data science to increase sales success

Data science simplifies selling by revealing actionable insights from prospect or customer data. Allow your sales team to make data-driven sales decisions. Your sales operations will also benefit from it as you engage prospects faster and close more deals.

Your sales reps can become data scientists. Or you can use data consulting services like Data Sales Science to better understand what data you need to succeed. For better sales results, these services can provide data-driven advice as well as reports, statistical analysis, and defined benchmarks and metrics.

Data science can help you interpret your data, create sales messages tailored to target accounts, identify key market segments, set prices, and predict sales opportunities, among other things. To increase sales, educate your sales reps on data science.

  1. Data can help you build domain expertise

Using domain expertise may be an old-school sales tactic, but it works. Ignoring domain expertise can cost you money, especially if you sell to a specific industry or your product is highly specialized.

A sales manager must provide resources and training to increase domain expertise. Help your sales reps learn your and your competitors’ products. Investigate your prospects’ businesses, industries, and solutions.

All of these tasks require data and knowledge to execute. Not to mention, data-driven approaches are critical to developing domain expertise. It improves domain expertise and strengthens your sales team’s reputation by making prospecting more relevant.

In Conclusion

With these three data-driven strategies, you can boost your sales. When using data to increase sales, ensure the data is clean and well-maintained. Using inaccurate, out-of-date, or irrelevant data can harm your sales growth and bottom line.

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