Influencer Marketing: How to Make the Most of It

Why not work with an influencer to promote your company’s products or services? Influencer marketing can help grow your brand and raise awareness among a larger audience.

While influencer marketing appears simple, creating a successful campaign takes more time than most people realize. For the project to be successful, you must clearly define your objectives, outline a path to achieve them, and develop an integrated strategy to fully utilize your influencer campaign’s opportunities.

Campaign Ideas

A successful influencer campaign requires planning, organization, and follow-up. We’ve outlined some suggestions to help you maximize your campaign.

Preparation Ideas

Begin with a budget and a goal list. Determine your budget for influencers and outline your key goals and objectives for working with them. Are you trying to gain more followers or engagement? Do you need leads? Do you want to sell an item online?

Give influencers a detailed Influencer Instruction Guide that outlines the campaign’s goals, copy points, and posting expectations.

An Influencer Contract should be created to ensure that all campaign expectations and deliverables are defined and signed by both parties. We suggest you sign a legal contract that includes a photo and video release. Remember to own the images you save and credit the photographer with appropriate tags and photo attribution when you share them.

  • Do market research and learn about your target demographic. The key to a successful influencer marketing collaboration is choosing someone with a large following in the market where your brand operates. If you want to expand your reach as a makeup brand, a beauty influencer could help. It makes sense for a home furnishings company to work with a home decor blogger to promote their products.
  • Determine if the influencer is a good fit for your brand. Because influencers are human, it is impossible to change their personalities or opinions. The identity of the influencer you plan to work with, as well as their brand and tone, are critical factors.
  • Prepare a list of key metrics in advance. Investigate an influencer’s reach and engagement before collaborating. This will give you an idea of the outcomes of the partnership. How big is their fan base? Influencers (followers of 10,000+) are distinct from micro-influencers (those with fewer than 10,000 followers). It’s important to note which organizations you’ll be collaborating with because their reach varies. Influencers can use tools like Instagram’s swipe-up feature to link directly to a company’s website.

During Campaign

  • Integrate your campaign into your overall strategy.
  • Promote the campaign on your company’s social media channels.
  • Like, comment on, and share all campaign posts and blogs that appear on your influencer’s social media platforms.
  • Make a backup of all of your images for future reference.

Recommendations Post-Campaign

  • An influencer can provide you with campaign data such as reach, impressions, website visits, coupon downloads, and other metrics, allowing you to evaluate the campaign’s success. Examine the results to see if you met your strategic goals.
  • Consider the benefits and drawbacks of working with an influencer while the campaign is still fresh. What did you learn from this experience, positive or negative, for your next influencer partnership?
  • Include any missing talking points or information in your Influencer Instruction Guidelines, as well as any information you don’t want to use in the future.
  • Stay in touch with influential people. Engage with them on social media and praise them on LinkedIn to show your support. Your company may be mentioned in a blog post in return!

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